A slice of a post apocalyptic Portlaoise for only €35k


The manner in which the cancer spread in this ‘normal’ estate has always genuinely shocked me. People we are asking €200k+ for these in the height of the madness.

There are no inhabitants. And vehicular access is blocked.
People were terrorised out of their homes - and I assume just walked away from their homes and/ mortgages.

The whole place needs to be demolished.

Hard to see how a patch of land in the middle if all that would be worth €35k, number 4 will cease to exist before anything good comes of this place.

laois-nationalist.ie/2014/04 … ting-told/

Streetview from 2009 seems to show an occupied small development. One can only assume everyone was driven out in the meantime rather than a failed ghost estate.

google.de/maps/@53.0403901, … 56!6m1!1e1

leinsterexpress.ie/news/loca … -1-5179984

Sobering when even the agent feels obliged to drop the sugar coating "delighted to present"s and "unique opportunity"s and goes with “have received instructions to offer for sale” instead.

The photos from the ads for these places should be plastered all over the walls of the banks’ boardrooms.

Wow and wow.

I did not expect to see somewhere as grim as that in the first link and as normal in the second.

Thread title does not disappoint. Just needs a few zombies for full effect.

Bring the cabinet on a tour of it.

How were people terrorized out of their homes?

repeated target of serial firebugs???
Unique kind of fauna attracted to empty buildings.

The Portlaoise fauna gets bored when they cannot find a dog handy.

thejournal.ie/puppy-throat-s … 0-Jan2013/
thejournal.ie/puppies-portla … 5-Jun2013/
utv.ie/News/2015/03/24/Barbaric- … -dog-34174

But it is the midlands, innit. :slight_smile:

It is not a midlands thing. Some towns are nice. Some are holes.
Portlaoise is a hole. Athlone isn’t great. Mullingar is OK if you can avoid certain types of people.
You won’t find high culture in the midlands but there are some perfectly fine towns and villages amongst there.

Yes, following a recent work-related trip down there, I noted that the decent, upstanding folk of Portlaoise seemed to wine and dine in places like Abbeyleix. (The rot probably started when they changed the name of the town from Maryborough - far classier, it has to be said!)

I posted this link previously related to a price drop in the estate.
Story is from 2011.
thejournal.ie/man-hospitalis … 3-Oct2011/

No.12 dropped as low as €10K according to Collapso, what’s the going rate for bricks these days? :open_mouth: