A WIW in D18, opinions please?

I haven’t even looked at this place yet, maybe someone in here has, looks like it needs complete refurb and of course a little on the expensive side but it’s Foxrock after all.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/220670

Any opinions anyone how much would you buy this for? Methinks if you re-distribute the inside completely you end up with a nice big place in a nice big site in a very salubrious neighborhood (albeit after a lot of hassle of course). Would 200k cut it I wonder to re-distribute the place and refurb the whole thing?

Ta for your time

Very strange property,cross between the Brady bunch house and recreational area in Jonestown after Rev Jim gave everyone their special kool-aid drinks.

Presume whoever buys would knock and rebuild?

Hard to say,personally I wouldnt pay more than 200k-250k.

It is indeed very strange looking inside and outside but I reckon you can keep the outside walls and re-distribute the interior, if you knock the whole thing down then it only has value as a site and even at that it’s still a site in Foxrock but of course not worth 600k. Exterior looks of the house don’t bother me, the house that I live in right now is ugly in the outside (some of my friends have said it looks like an “old people’s home”) but it doesn’t bother me, I have a massive house, massive garden, I can live with “ugly on the outside” something has to give if you don’t have unlimited amount of money.

This house is ‘Foxrock’ in the same way that the shite sold by Mennolly Homes built in Neilstown but sold as ‘Lucan’ in 1996.

Foxrock me arse. XX

I think Ross O’Carroll-Kelly tried to have this part of Foxrock renamed!

Oh really? Blimey I didn’t know that. Oh well looks like you saved me a trip then.

Actually I think I’ll have a look at it anyway, Cabinteely is not a bad neighborhood either. You still get a big house on a big site on a nice neighborhood even if it’s not Foxrock

I’d probably call it cornelscourt, foxrock church would be a 2 minute walk.

But seriously, he saved you a trip telling you that? You’ll fork over a ton of money for that based on it’s postcode? You don’t get butlers delivering your mail in foxrock you know :wink: :laughing:

Irrelevant of the prices between foxrock/corneslcourt i’d probably prefer the house you posted due to convenience & access to shops transport etc, I wouldn’t even pay a 1/3rd the price it’s up for though.

No that’s Foxrock. The name goes down to clonkeen road.

It’s in a bit of a screwed up location though.

foxrock… another place i don’t get…
well out in the sticks…what’s the updide?

Why? Honest question…

They probably think the house there’s on it at the moment is worth something and you can not get a site for the love of god for less than 350k and smaller ones at that. The property market could come down so much that a site that size in Foxrock/cabinteely/cornelscourt whatever is worth 210k but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Still thank you and everyone else for your time.

The N11 cut through the Bray Road so this house is adjacent to it with the constant hum.

As far as I know this is on a small stretch of the old Bray Road that runs parrallel to the N11 behind a few trees (will check it out when out for a stroll later) It’s a very noisy spot traffic wise. It may be technically Foxrock but I always regard the “real” Foxrock as the area bordered by the N11, The Leopardstown Road on the northside, Cornelscourt Hill to the south and Leopardstown racecourse at the back of Brighton/Torquay Road. There are estates off Clonkeen Road (South Park etc) and Kill Ave that call themselves Foxrock but are worlds away from leafy Westminster etc. As someone has pointed out - screwed up location!

That’s it, the road has either an eircom or esb compound at the end of the road.

The area is good although it isn’t proper Old Foxrock and the place could look great with a bit of updating. My problem with this house would be traffic noise. I may have got the lie of the land wrong, but I think the N11 would be higher than the site level and it’s on the west (sunny) side of the house.

no pics of kitchen or bathrooms => prob need replacing
walls likely need outer-insulation (40k odd?)
Are the windows pvc? You would probably upgrade triple for noise and insulation and wood frames.
Layout of rooms is a bit odd. no master bedroom
giant garage
massive flat roof - scary
need to paint over a lot of the internal wood. easy
garden needs attention

bungalows always attract interest
also ugly hunters will hope for a bargain and this one is shocking from the outside.
living quarters are approx 30m from n11 but up a hill and two walls in between. still not good
the little cul de sac outside at least removes lot of the danger of kids straying out and being knocked down.
close to shops etc in cornelscourt.
definitely foxrock postal, parish and electoral district but on the wrong side of the tracks.

This house is worth 500K now. add another 180K for refit.

Truly one of the ugliest houses ever, and for me traffic-noise is a big no-no, so I’d rule it out on that alone.

A question I reckon would be whether it would be worthi it in the long-term to demolish and re-build? Maybe you could fix it up for less than 200K, but you’d have a much nicer (and probably bigger subject to PP) house if you scrapped it and started again - cost of that probably nearer double… (and the traffic noise doesn’t go away - so still not ideal).

Well haven’t viewed yet but I plan to. As I said before I do not mind too much if the house is a bit ugly on the outside I think you can “do things” with that, pebble-dash, paint, plants, whatever. I lived beside the M50 before and I did not notice the noise hugely but I would not go back to that. If the noise is high, I would rule out on that alone.

Mr.agent thanks for a very comprehensive post. I reckon you need to re-do the layout inside, it’s awkward. The flat roof on the other hand, as you mentioned, that could be a problem alright.

Hang on, is that “ugly-house hunters” or are you calling me ugly? :wink: