AAM gold...

Says it all. XX


A regular occurance and not just in the downturn.
Even in the boomtimes, neighbours would be pissed off if a similar property didnt achieve a price they deemded as sufficiently ‘worthy’ of their area.

This eejit could always drop their asking price to 50k below the other fecker. That’d show 'em!

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As I’ve said before, there’s no good being on the market, you must be in the market.

blog.seattlepi.com/realestate/li … market.jpg

(maybe someone with posting rights on AAM can post the above information)

I just did a search in the Irish Statute book website. The terms “unbelievably”, “low” and “price” didn’t return any results.

How about “value” is value illegal?

A house in an estate near me (present asking prices are from €390 - €430) went for €250k. That would be a price last seen in 2004. I will wonder into an agent still selling one for €390 this week some time and see what the craic is.

I nearly pi$$ed myself laughing at the stupidity of that AAM post -

Please remember the pin has a no glee rule folks.

I don’t think anyone is gleeful that this guy is losing money - certainly not me.

But there is such muppetry in the AAM post, I laughed out loud, then wondered if it was a p15s-take.

Feel free to think your glee to yourself. Don’t feel free to post it here.

Aside from the OP, there’s a good body of posters who have replied with a fairly realistic analysis of the situation.

So maybe (despite Brendan’s better judgement in allowing that sort of thing!) there’s hope for AAM yet.

I don’t think that it’s gleeful to laugh at that post.

It’s genuinely funny that someone thinks there should be a law against competition.

That person has lost nothing, they don’t even say their house is for sale. If you read the post, a number of people are dismayed, and those that are selling are very upset.

Why do people who aren’t selling feel anything about it?

They haven’t had anything happen to them for anyone to feel sorry, indifferent or gleeful towards.

I’ve been taken in so often… but I think this one is a wind-up.

Will the owner of this wind-up please contact a moderation by PM…

it has to be a piss take 8DD coming from somebody here? :smiley:

What was that Irish Times quote…?

“Satire should be obvious”


We live in interesting times.


Hedley Byrne?


I don’t necessarily think it is. Earlier this month the same poster was asking for information on letting to the local authority. So I suspect he’s had his house on the market for a while without success.

I also suspect that quite a few of them on the estate would be even more upset if they knew he was trying to let his house to the council, than they are at the €50k house drop.

To be fair, only one other poster in the thread even came remotely close to agreeing with the OP.