AAM Post:Affordable Housing - Cheaper on open market?

Periodically I browse on AAM. It can be useful to see how some people think. I guess I’m detached from large swathes of our population as some views are completely alien to my thinking. Take, for example, this thread. What portion of the population thinks like Emma1980 or dublingirl11?


the highlights…

(I hope there’s another income there to help - looks like a large income multiple)

This just seems very wrong in so many ways.

Its this type of mentality that has added to the mess we are currently in. I really believe people are brainwashed from the last 5-8 years.

Was going to post a reply on that AAM thread earlier, but what’s the point?? there is still that mentality of i want a house now and i’m not going to wait. I have feck all saved but i’m entitled to a house.

We are all entitled to an empty!!! Sure didn’t Eoghan tell us we all participated, we were all seduced according to Eamon…

Well, let’s kick things off with a round of debt forgiveness and an empty for every FTB in the audience… Make mine one in Tullamore so I can steal from Yoganmahew’s vegetable patch, I bet he has wifi too… :smiling_imp:

Unfortunately a lot of people have a thought process that works in exactly the opposite manner to which it should.

They start with the premise they want to own their own place (an understandable objective, unfortunately amplified with the average Irish person’s psyche for a number of reasons). Then when given an opportunity to have the thing they want (ridiculously expensive mortgage, silly government scheme that’ll keep them where they are for decades) they rationalise away the numerous negatives. Even the fact that the property isn’t very good and isn’t in an area they they want to live in won’t deter them - it’s a stepping stone to the thing they want.

So you’re saying we’ve created the perfect consumer

I was taken by this thread:



Oh dear, there really is no regulation like self-regulation !

If you’re the builder, sure! You can slap up any old shit and they’ll lap it up. You can even hang on to a few apartments and extract an extra 2-3k per year from the poor fools.

If we really were “savvy” then our strong desire for property ownership coupled with low population density we’d have some of the finest and best built houses in the world. Instead people convinced themselves that whatever they got was fine, who needs to swing a cat anyhow?

It’s perfectly understandable and rational.