AAM poster needs our help



Could someone post a link to this thread so the girl can get some help.

Without knowing more about the house, the figures being thrown around look very high. I’d imagine that if Lora made an offer of 365K they seller would take her arm off.

In the current market you’re unlikely to lose a house because you bid too low. It’s not 2005 anymore.

20% off the asking price is about 300K, if that’s a serious offer with no need to sell your own house and you’re ready to move fast then that would be a very fair opening bit.

Some would suggest that 30% off the asking price would be a better opening bid. You need to look at other houses in the area and look at the cost of renting a similar house.

Remember the golden rules:
Don’t get too attached to any one house.

It’s easier to negotiate up from a bid that’s too low than get back down
from a bid that’s too high.

It’s a buyers market.

Time is on your side, just by waiting you allow the market to do a big chunk of the negotiating for you.

Every euro you borrow is 2 euros you’ll have to pay back.

Good luck with the bidding.


Thanks guys, you had my questions answered before I even set up an account!!!

All the advice is really appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Plus you can talk about house prices all you want here! :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t say they represent good value at the moment :wink: or that rent is dead money :blush:

You can say it, just be sure you duck straight after.

The key is to remember that its unlikely to be a one of house and there are probably 100s of a similar type in the area you are looking with the same basic layout. DONT fall in love with it or become emotionally attached to it arrange a viewing of a few other houses for the day after you bid so if you don’t get it doesn’t seem like the end of the world.

The way I look at it is with prices dropping, interest on cash you have on deposit and whatever you save monthly you are in a far better position each month. I have bid on 3 houses in the last year all bids were declined as too low subsequently one was pulled from the market not sold and the other two went sale agreed both fell through and I got a call from the agents offering to accept my original bid which I wasn’t willing to offer anymore as 3 beds are no in my range as opposed two beds I was bidding on.

At the right price any house could represent good value.
I’ve said before that if the right house came along at the right price even I would buy.

Still waiting for someone to post an example of good value though.


Lora should practice her haggling skills for the rest of 2008 , eg find somewhere that is too high and bid near the ask, eg 300k ask bid €290k. Make it sound like she 'loves’the area / house .

Then The Phantom Bidder will suddenly appear and mysteriously offering €295 , Lora should offer €289k back and say the offer stands only to 5pm that evening

Phantom Bidder mysteriously disappears , so does Lora :smiley:

Its all good practice for ya Lora especially if you are not a good haggler.

Which inspires me to say “Money is dead, now LIVE!”

Could be a t-shirt :wink:

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Not a dreadful hack by the low standards over there, they deleted most of the reality of the metaphysics of modding reality type posts but left one or two 8)