AAM Speculation....

Sorry for the new topic - I didn’t want to detract further from the statistics thread…

Very, very strange behaviour, and very sudden, too!

My money’s on a VI putting the wind up them for publishing the house price drops, but I’m intrigued that someone could exert such influence that the thread would be closed.

As you say, I reckon that the figures, once published, are public domain.

Excessive and ill-judged reaction imho… :unamused:

Well, the notion that dark VI forces are threatening a public internet forum is just a bit too far fetched, even for a miserable cynic like me!

I’ve looked through AAM’s posting guidelines and their editorial policy and can’t see any reason why the thread should have been locked. Here they are:

askaboutmoney.com/faq.php?fa … ial_policy

And, bafflingly, the site admin says at the end of the thread:

“I am closing the thread until the moderators have had a chance to review our policy towards the thread and the discussion of the prices of invidual houses.”

Huh? There is a “policy” towards an individual thread? A policy ON TOP of the posting guidlines and editorial policy?? So, AAM has 2 general policies, and then a 3rd specific policy for the “Sentiment” thread? Seems like the tail is wagging the dog to me.

What is most extraordinary here though is that I look at lots of forums on the net based in lots of countries, and often with far more contentious subject matter than house prices, and I have NEVER EVER seen a thread shut down like this. EVER. EVER. On any topic.

Most hilariously of all, the thread ends thus:

“Please do not reopen the discussion in another thread. If you do, you will be banned from Askaboutmoney.”

Bwahahahahahaha! WTF? It sounds especially funny if you say it in a Darth Vader voice.

Or even Chad Vader… :wink:

Well now I understand why I was banned in a rather our of the blue fashion… or more to the point I don’t! Hell something was obviously up though. very, very strange… maybe they jsu paranoid themselves out of their heads and thought that the thread was so important it might actually be the spark that set the house on fire! :slight_smile:

Well people are welcome to carry on here unhindered. :smiley:

well they started taking donations recently “by popular demand”



they sold out

I’d say some bulls were moaning at the annual AAM drinks on Friday night :angry:

id say fear is a better driver than anger

did you see the link i posted?


I think ye’re reading too much into it. The moderation on AAM has always been a bit anal, if a thread veers slightly off topic they close it (and some interfering mods incessantly nag people on the open threads). Most other forums just let people talk, and if it veers majorly steer it back on course, so the AAM policy is shutting it is an editorial decision rather than any conspiracy theory :wink:

the moderator surely slipped up by mention that it was due to “popular demand”

he surely could have said something like we always took donations but here is a link to make it easier etc etc

but they SLIPPED UP

with the AGM the other week, (remember its the No1 website for finance for Ireland allegedly, all the big shots will their property portfolios must have been whingin about that thread

and that was the popular demand

I have most of that thread saved on my hard disk(saves you reading it all in one go)

I even have some things that were later deleted!

and my experience was that the mods generally left that thread alone

until very recently!

hmmmn I generally read in as much as I can into ANYTHING!! just in case!
Always read between the lines
Always think 3 dimensional

If you have the deleted posts, please send them to me and we’ll put them up somewhere, or you can start a new thread as such.

yeah ill retrieve them no prob (take a while such a big thread

I am super suspicious sometimes about things, I always try to be - prevents ya gettin screwed sometimes, so is my theory a credible one? what do ye think?

So far from the commetns here it does seem like someone had serious issue with the price drop posts.

erhpas those posts were filtering into other AAM threads and they didn’t like this. I know I cross linked on one or two occasions.

When you saw a buyer on line asking questions you felt obliged to point out the turn in the market.

One more thing, I posted a reply DAFT and you know what, it never appeared! I only noticed that when someone else linked back to it the same desperate house seller and there had been more replies minus mine! Now I am sure I submitted the post. In it I warned the buyer to sit on the fence and look at the current spate of price reductions and check out certain sites tracking such developments…

I think this is a well balanced insight from 2 Pack over at GHPC

2 Pack

forum.globalhousepricecrash.com/ … opic=11492

Good stuff out of you OW. It was a bit of a long list but your point was fairly made. To my mind the more real facts and figures posted the better.

Given that the thread now closed was hugely popular and clearly getting people engaged the decision seems extremely peculiar. I suspect if you posted a similiar list on rents in Eastern Europe to make a point you would have had no issues. This sounds like a worthwhile experiment…

Any chance the moderators are some of those who have made a few quid over the last few years and their egos are getting a little frayed around the edges with the change in sentiment?

I think that an attitude prevails in Ireland that if something is not discussed it will go away.

There is no doubt that the mods on AAM are seeking to suppress discussion of the single most crucial financial issue this country has faced in decades. The fact that they should do this says it all really.

But it’s ludricrous if they think that, what are they going to do, take hit out on McWilliams???

Sure’s he got another two episodes where he’s going to bang on about it, he was all over Q&A last night, Eddie Hobbs said there was no value in the market and the ECB are going to raise rates further…

A discussion thread on a message board is hardly comparable is it?

I’m just still wondering why?

I mean, they let it run and run for months, and then suddenly decide that there’s no longer any discussion of price drops allowed???

This simply makes no sense.

I still reckon someone’s put the squeeze on them, and they need to check out where they stand legally. I would hope it’s not as petty as a personal grudge against posts regarding a specific area…I doubt it, tbh.

They should really make a statement to clarify things, though - AAM is loosing credibility by the minute, and unless they have a reasonable explanation for the locking of the thread, they will find people will begin to question the freedom of speech and impartiality of the other threads too…

As another poster mentioned, moderation of ‘that thread’ has become increasingly heavy handed over the past few weeks. The fact that discussion of the housing market (ie the Irish economy essentially) was restricted to one single thread in the first place speaks volumes.


take a look before its deleted
i saved it