AAM Speculation....

oh well they deleted it

Think about it that thread was hugely popular. Over 8000 posts, over a 1000 a week in the run up to the end. Over 400,000 views over its lifespan.

Somewhere in that mix were a lot of potential buyers, first time buyers! (people who need the truth most).

Every Bank, Estate Agent & Paid Property Porno Jurno was ripped apart. No one could say anything without someone picking up on it and casting it in as true a light for all to see.

It was powerful, the stuff of nightmares if you are any of the former vested interests (there were even estate agents telling it like it was a kin to “informers”, “the phones had been silent for weeks now…”)

If you were looking for something other than all the mass media spin then this wasn’t a good place to start if not stay.

Honesty how many people read that thread everyday, does anyone have figures, retrospective traffic figures?

All those people at work, on their lunch… chatting at the water cooler, photocopier, bus stop, other forums… going home saying to their loved one/cousin/father/friends who is a FTB, " you know what I read today on the Internet… those apts down the rd have dropped X amount…" multiply that daily all over Dublin and Ireland you have a serious effect on sentiment either way.

Remember people are turning more and more to the Internet as the only alternative and many times it is the only reliable source for info if you are willing to use your head read the posts and verify the info by following links & searching extra paths.

Can you do that when reading a newspaper with its editorial bias, no way.,

Daily the whole thread threatened the validity of the big media players.

Since big media always seemed to be months behind the thread and other forums.

What we had was the market working in full hyper intelligence mode only made possible by this info tech revolution, and the vested don’t like revolutions.

Think back to how effectively txt messaging was used to cause flash protest across Spain against the sitting government. A government which indeed fell.

Thats was just texting!

Someone had put up some link to RTE and it didn’t work, can you rermember what it was? Very vague I kow, but it was alaso a link that you could follow after it was posted. I believe it was censored.

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Today, 02:42 PM

Mr moderator
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Dear Sausages,

We would like to annouce that we have officially sold out. As per our AGM. we just couldnt stand all the whining(from our new patrons) and of course couldnt resist the monies.

Property developers and investors please see this link so that you can give us “donations”


All talk about house prices etc will NOT be tolerated

The market will continue to go up because we say so

Yours forever,(we sold our souls),

Signed: (DONT)Ask about money

(blindjustice was here)

Mr moderator
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hehehe they banned my IP address ! LOL Im not even at home!

Ah I used to throw jokes into the thread and they used to delete them - they really didnt like my sense of humour :frowning:

A thread that long and generally serious needs some comic relief!

I was a regular reader and contributor to that thread and I believe I personally informed about 15 people that I thought the property bubble popped in September and that most official figures have a 3 to 4 month delay so expecte something around December or January in the media. I informed one friend who actually works for a national newspaper and he was in denial at first but eventually came around. I also emailed a friend of a friend who I never met as she mentioned in work “I would like to buy a house”. I also told 2 friends of mine who work in actuary that the asset bubble of the Irish Property market busted in September. I was suprised that they work in actuary and I had to explain to them what an asset bubble was.

“People buy because the price is going up that causes the price to go up , eventually it is too high for the amount of people at the bottom that are needed to join to join , then the price drops , people sell as the price drops causing the price to drop further.”

Then they got it and laughed as we were drunk.

If other people informed as many people as I did could you imagine the knock on effect

Sounds good Miju, Open Window needs all the help he can get and I’m only handy with a dictionary… :stuck_out_tongue:

On the spanish protests / texting, off topic kinda but, texting does not get people out the door, issues do, there where very fecking solid reasons why those protests were called…

And I’m seriously sceptical that AAM closed that thread for fears of public sentiment, I’d imagine it’s a far more likely scenario that certain “friends”, with interests being directly discussed in that thread, got distinctly uncomfortable and pressurised those who run that site.

And why the flip do they need donations anyway? They’re only running a shagging messageboard, they’re not even generating content!!!

Hosting/Bandwidth/Tea-parties with VIs?

Hi guys,

Delighted to see that there is a continuation of the Current sentiment thread over here. I posted fairly often on AAM and was shocked yesterday at the heavy-handed tactics used by the moderators over there. It was an absolute disgrace!! No proper explanation was given at all about not allowing price drops and after PM to them i got no reply. These discussion forums are probably the only place you will see what is actually happening on the ground in the property market without some VI stance. Someone (phoenix_n) maybe cut to close to the bone and p*ssed someone off! Or else it was just a coincidence. Seems petty if that was the reason. Maybe the VI’s are just getting too worried about the influence of AAM. They cant handle the truth!!! Anyway best of luck with this forum guys and lets hope the viewers of AAM will start hitting these threads too. As I say these places are the only places you will get the real truth! :smiley:


Maybe we can assist in their demise, I will copy the thread to my board for future reference.
It seems like we are at the start of the crumbling of the Irish property market and we will stand together and shout loudly, well done OW and good to see you guys who have recently joined GHPC

Brendan Burgess does regular interviews on the Last Word with Matt Cooper,he is introduced as Brendan Burgess from AAM,I for one will be texting the program the next time to know if AAM is unbiased in its information. As AAM is portrayed as a vehicle for the distribution of financial advice why it feels the need to suppress the opinions and much factual information from informed members of the public.

My personal feeling is that the ’ Information Age’ is just too much for old Ireland to cope with,for decades we’ve had networks of vested interests controlling our lives,think of the censorship of classic books,the churches grip and politicians nod,winks and brown envelopes.
The freedom of the internet must be one big frustration for those involved in keeping mum on just about everything.

Indeed and if they’re taking donations, are they a registered charity??? :open_mouth:

It’s like Brendan Burgess is sitting on the ground with a paper cup soliciting spare change from workers wending their way to the IFSC!!!

It makes about as much sense as the Minister for Finance not having a bank account for three years!!! Oh wait, that happened didn’t it Bertie??? :smiling_imp:


The truth is stranger than fiction.

i’d scratch that and say all factual info , the posts on that monster AAM thread that we’re not factually correct pretty much all originated from the bull camp as most bears posting presented backed up facts or anecdotaly evidence (which was clearly indentified as such) in the knowledge the bulls were waiting in the grass to shoot it to shreds if it didn’t stand up to scrutiny (and there wasn’t 1 bear post that didn’t stand up to scrutiny IMO)

unfortunately any bull on that thread didn’t really last more than 5 minutes which is a shame as it made the thrad appear more biased than it was, not from the bears rounding on them but from the bears rounding on them to present cold hard backed up facts that countered their claims

at the end of the day it turns out that AAM as plain as day is a vested interest plain and simple. though vested interest they may be it appears so far that they’ve been the catylyst / main source of unbiased information for people to find out about property market and it’s potential future

“i’d scratch that and say all factual info ,”

Consider it scratched :slight_smile:

If one thing can be said about AAM its that its disipline combined with well informed posters certainly kept the b*********s at bay,
sadly the moderators have gone over the top this time.

Nice to see some of the best brains from AAM back in business. Can’t keep a good person down, not for long :smiley: A few more to follow hopefully i.e. Whathome, Conor mc, Marie, room305, arthur daley, fatmanknows to name but a few.

The cheek of Brendan looking for donations! It’s people here and those who contributed with factual and informative information and interesting online debate who made that site so popular. He should have been paying YOU!


Edit: I wonder if I’ll get banned on AAM for posting this here?

Yes I wonder, how far the agents of AAM reach… your turn of phrase is colourful but none the less understandable. I would say that is a very low thing to do to many a loyal poster, who probably brought a good deal of traffic & publicity to the forum. Poor, very poor.

It further undermines the credibility of the AAM group…

Well NOW is the time to get them back

Someone (maybe the owners of this website) should create a website

MIRROR theirs take all their titles (add your own or give em better titles)


Go into competition with them

I bet you would beat them. You would get all the people who disagree with the antics of the mods in AAM to join your website.
property pin obviously not the place to do it

Yes. YES!

And then I’ll be rich! And I can buy a big house!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


but why not - now is the time to do it while people are annoyed - not in the future when they forget!

free speech is worth alot