AAM - The Cultural Revolution continues

Just saw this over on the GFD forum on AAM

askaboutmoney.com/showthread … 56&page=20

At the rate things are going over there - asking where to buy an electric kettle without a prior vetting and approval by the Mad Mods will be a hanging offence in a couple of months

I’ve given up posting over there a while a ago - yet I still have a strange perverted attraction to the place - its like watching a car crash in slow motion - its a real pity - it was the place to post this time last year.

We can set up an ECB rates - where next thread here on the property pin.

Direct quote from the mod in question:

We may have misunderestimated these people…

Having read the posts before they were removed I wasn’t surprised whatsoever that they were. They were clearly in breach of the AAM rules (whether you agree with those rules is another thing). They were fairly lighthearted posts and I’m sure the posters would have half expected them to be removed. I dunno why WDW got the hump and decided to annouce his departure from an internet forum, possibly time of the month.

howitzer - you’re probably right - I didnt get to see the deleted posts - its just so 1984 over there at the moment with posts being deleted left , right and centre for all kinds of reasons - not including the guidelines: to be perfectly frank I feel I would need my solicitor to look through any comments I would have the audacity to post.

Some posters on AAM don’t like some of the comment on this site… :cry:

Interesting another mod over there is giving some publicity to this site


What the hell was he doing reading the Ku-Klux-Klan website?