Abbey Close (aka Abbey Court), Rathfarnham (-825k, -66%)


4 houses “reduced to start from €1.25 million” (Feb 2008) … y30419.asp
Can’t find any evidence of a higher price though.

“Reduced from original starting prices of €1.25 million to revised starting prices of €985,000.” (July 2008) … y34180.asp

All 4 still on sale, now from 725k - 850k … UOBX336416

Don’t know who the developer is. Anyone any idea?


nice looking houses - energy efficient too with solar panels for water heating
what is area like - looks like a maze to get in there


Some of the planning docs are at … &encType=1


House Types

House Type 1: REDUCED TO €840,000
Net Floor Area: 164 sq mt / 1766 sq ft.
Gross Floor Area: 175 sq mt / 1887 sq ft
€445/sq foot
House Type 2: REDUCED TO €725,000
Net Floor area: 148 sq mt / 1600 sq ft.
Gross Floor Area: 155 sq mt / 1670 sq ft
€434/sq foot
House Type 3: REDUCED TO €825,000
Net Floor area: 148 sq mt / 1600 sq ft.
Gross Floor Area: 155 sq mt / 1670 sq ft
€494/sq foot
House Type 4: REDUCED TO €850,000
Net Floor area: 169 sq mt / 1823 sq ft.
Gross Floor Area: 181 sq mt / 1950 sq ft
€436/sq foot


Apparently house number 2 is sale agreed. House 2 was guiding €725k. Probably €100k too much.

Whoever bought that will cut a lonely figure in that development for a while to come.

Went to view the houses. The are a nice house, but was dissapointed with the bedrooms. The floor area upstairs in house 2 & 3 seems to be bigger than house 1 & 4. The spare bedrooms are smaller in house 1 & 4. Living area downstairs is great, but there is not much of a garden. They are also built in the back gardens of the houses of Loreto Terrace, therefore you are looking onto the back entrances of the houses on Loreto Terrace.


2 years on the market. Still from 725k-850k … ham/104767


Gone from myhome, but still listed at … D=10061146

#8 … am/1773935

back on asking 425-450k…all 4 of them
for anyone who has seen them- is the build as impressive as it sounds?


Maybe they are ahead of their time…good enough looking houses with no gardens shoe-horned into a back yard - to save on site-value tax!
(From satelite & street view)

imho - they should be priced as apartments as opposed to houses.



Nice builds but no back gardens plus you’re over looked for all angles.
As said before, they should be priced more like apartments. :arrow_right:


so what would you say their worth…250-320k


Nice looking, decent sized, detached, well insulated. What’s wrong with them?


have to say I cant see a lot wrong with them on the limited pics etc so far.
ok, there’s no back gardens as such…and perhaps there could be a traffic noise issue there with nutgrove avenue/grange road so close by. but if they have’nt sold thus far, maybe the devil is in the detail and a viewing will show all up


Easy to see the problem…

Just look at the satellite view, very very little garden at back and small ‘communal’ one at front. Imagine those houses with cars parked in front, then there’s no space at all.

And, these are large four beds, so they are for families, But, where are the children going to play?

Just a greedy developer, with a space for three houses at best.


Ah. The little patch of garden at the back would be grand for a bbq if it wasn’t north facing. There’s a couple of green areas nearby to kick a ball I suppose.


If you think 4 houses is too much for the site, check out the earlier planning applications:
SD05A/0620 - Terrace of 7 houses (3 beds)
SD06A/0346 - Block of 12 apartments (2 beds)
SD06A/0319 - 4 detached houses
SD06A/1117 - 4 detached houses


went to see them today. a lot of people there, very busy.

they are’nt finished, thats why no pics on line. even the showhouse needs a lot of work.
no floors in, electrics to be completed, kitchens missing in 3 of them, no toilet fittings etc.
master bedrooms very small
converted attic is for those under 5ft 6 only

another 70-80k needed before you’d move into any of them


As far as I am aware the planning above included another site with is on the upper left in the satellite view. Its the site that beside the road.

But I think I think it would take a lot more that knocking 70-80K off them to make me interested.
:wink: :wink:


There was a queue of cars to get into look at these properties at the weekend.