Abbey Park, Baldoyle, Dublin 13 is a safe and good area?

Hello, My husband and I plan to buy house now. Just found a few house near Abbey Park, Baldoyle Dublin 13 are reasonable price and near Dart station Bayside. We never been there. I was wondering if anybody know this area? Is it a good and safe area? Thank you any suggestions. Appreciate it.

also one more question, does anybody know if Harolds Cross Dublin 6W is a good area or not? Thank you again.

Abbey Park and most of Baldoyle is a safe and a fairly good area - although it can look a bit rough and ready in parts and some of the housing design in the various estates isn’t the prettiest. The better parts of Baldoyle is closest to Sutton including estates like Turnberry, Warren Green and older roads like Burrowfield, Railway Avenue. (Stay away from Moyclare!) The DART station at Bayside has had problems with youngsters hanging around for as long as I can remember (I took a few of them on once!) I haven’t lived in the area for 25 years but a family member does and she tells me not much has changed and there are still issues with young “gougers” hassling people, mainly at night. Overall, the area is populated by decent people, mainly families (there are very few if any, apartment developments here) with the main advantage of the area being proximity to Sutton, Howth, Portmarnock and Malahide.

Around Abbey Park is reasonable but has got a few issues. There seems to be good turnover and supply in parts of Baldoyle (Admiral Pk and Castlerosse for instance) so it may be that recent significant price rises in this area may not be as sustainable as some other areas with variety of house types and ages.
Another thing to note is that If plans go ahead to bring a new rail line from the Airport in through Clongriffen then the Dart spur to Howth via Baldoyle will be significantly downgraded – possibly becoming a feeder only to Howth Junction similar to the M3 parkway at weekends.

If you want to assess an area as “safe and good” based on social deprivation, then the Revenue Local Property Tax Property Valuation Guide might be handy. … /index.htm


I don’t know the area myself, but the map for where I live does a pretty good job of highlighting where shit happens.

I’m not even going to attempt to defend this approach (I have family that live in social housing, they’re salt of the earth etc), but there you go.

Thank you so much for the details! Very helpful. Now I know where I should avoid to choose.

Thanks, that’s good point. never think about that.

Hi, thanks for the link. we are foreigners here, so buy house to settle down is a quite big deal for us, sometimes we are too cautious, also lack of local knowledge. Thanks again for the link.

My advice - rent in the area for a while, see if it suits then buy. No need to jump in with two feet and end up with regrets

that’s true. It seems the house price for nice area is rising very quickly. Now we have to bid on the asking price with others (always higher than asking price now). a little bit panic now…

Well would you rather it cost you an extra 5-10% in 6months or a year? Or would you prefer to live somewhere for 30years you don’t like?

Buying a house is not something to do in a panic.

Yes, you are right, at least I should not buy a house in a panic.

Well, I sympathise with the need to get shelter organised on personal levels and the fear of being somehow left behind is a powerful one, but I see the ‘panic’ being stoked here as this supposed ‘recovery’ is milked for all it is not worth!
If you are bidding here (or anywhere else) try spend as much time as possible at various hours of the day in the area over a week. The ‘night watch’ at weekends can be most instructive of the general tone - as can an early morning assessment of working population and proportion of kids going to various different schools.
This has been discussed before as a tactic in ‘Crumlin’ threads - worth looking up.
Good Luck!

Hi, I also feel weird about the price rising so rapid and suddenly in some area. Honestly feel like it’s been planned and organised.
will check up the Crumlin thread. definitely will do the night watch at weekends, good idea. thank you.

You’ll never fit in amongst the Irish with that sort of rational thought towards property purchasing :slight_smile:

Best of luck btw


113 asking €395k … id=2639889 … 13/2639889

sold for €405k … enDocument