About 80% of House removals are now to overseas!


I seem to recall immigration and growing population was touted in strong fundamentals talk …

I wonder what is happening to the houses that they’re leaving behind?

I can just picture Marc Coleman screaming “Won’t someone think of the fundamentals!” :slight_smile:

Title’s not exactly correct. Its not 80% of house removals, its 80% of a house movers business is international removals. Other house movers may not offer international shipping.

True, Whizzbang- thanks. And some people may move using a hired vehicle. But I think it’s still an interesting statistic.

And some people like myself may arrange their own move by container due to the rip off prices International movers charge!

A 20ft. container, insurance, boxes and some hired help for the packing and unpacking cost me €2500, 3 different movers quotes were all in the range of €6500-€7500.

The key term here is freight forwarders. We were quoted $12K by moving companies to move from West Coast of the US to France. Got a 20 ft container door to door using freight forwarders for just under $2300. The only downside is that the container (on a trailer) is parked outside your house and you only have a few hours to fill it and you have to have to be at the other end to unpack it quickly when it arrives. With the exception of a huge sofa there were no problems getting stuff in and out of the container quickly. Luckily on the US side one of our neighbors was a line backer for the Seattle Seahawks so he chucked the sofa into the container without breaking a sweat and on the French side gravity did most of the work.

Thought this was completely misreported - it’s pretty obvious that single men leaving, or single immigrant workers returning, are not going to be using removal companies. So using removal companies figures is misguiding.

I must have more junk than I thought. Next time I move, I promise to just have a suitcase…