About to finalise a house but really confused between Baldoyle and Leopardstown


I am new to both the areas so any tips would help. I would like an area that’s safe, has good schools nearby, grocery stores, decent looking neighborhood, and last but not least, good public transport. Fortunately, both the houses I am looking at are very close to public transport. And, the house in Baldoyle is around 70-80k cheaper than the one in Leopardstown. I can share more info if needed.

Thanks for the help :pray:


Do you want to give us a few more clues as to where in each area those houses are? (The general locations would do if you don’t want to pinpoint the exact houses in question.)

Note: I lived in Baldoyle for about 15 years (near the village). I now live not too far from Leopardstown (Cabinteely) Both areas include older, more established parts and newer estates on outlying areas. Leopardstown in particular has stretched well beyond its original boundaries. There are definitely some very nice parts of either area.


Sure. The one in Baldoyle is east of Clongriffin Dart station and the other one is west of Leopardstown Valley luas stop. Both within walking distance.


Leopardstown - without a doubt.

(That area in Clongriffen was all fields and farms when I lived around there - but I haven’t heard good reports from family members who live in the wider vicinity. It’s all new estates and apartment blocks - as far as I know, so more potential for trouble.) The area in Leopardstown is more a mix of established estates and newer developments. Both areas will see a lot more housing going up in the long term.

That said - there are no absolute guarantees anywhere. You could have the nicest neighbours in the world in the Baldoyle house and the complete opposite in Leapardstown. You should be able to get some clue by looking at how well gardens are maintained.


As you said most of the houses in Baldoyle are apartments, they don’t have gardens. But I get what you mean. I will look specifically at how the houses are maintained, what kind of cars are parked, etc. next time I visit the area. And, I think if I stay there (in my car) for long enough, I will get a sense of my neighborhood. This should help I suppose.


Are you sure you’re ready to make such a permanent decision? I would take it a bit slower, a few more baby steps. (Your decision, of course.)

But I’d be worried that you’re at the stage where your “about to finalise” a house with such little knowledge of either area.

There may be others here in the same boat as you and could make more suggestions - such as checking out Local Area Plans, crime stats etc.


I understand your point but the thing is there are not many options now. I will, of course, talk to a lot more people about both the areas, research myself, and do a lot of other things before finalizing either. I have a couple of weeks time for this.

Btw, do you know any website to check Local Area Plans and Crime stats of different areas in Dublin?


You’ll have to do a bit of a search for crime stats - probably CSO and or/Garda website.