Academia reaction to NAMA Bill

Thought a place where we could collate all these togetehr may be useful. First off the mark, as usual, is Constantin Gurdgiev : … ation.html

So he can use the “find” function in Micro$hit… Well worth the megabucks in Trinners that man! :unamused:

Adobe actually. So more like clay than $hit. :smiley:

erm… topic is back that way folks…

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

indeed. And the point is that (although a mod changed the title from columnists to academia) we need somewhere to collate the volume of material that will be in the media over the weekend . Snapshots reactions tho they may be they will be interesting.

NAMA has gotten its own board on the pin. As such, one thread to take all information from a weekend would be inappropriate. Try to go with adding information to threads based on the information pertaining to the topic of the thread. Don’t try to make a thread all encompassing as the existance of the board takes care of that.