Accepted offer to moving in - time lines ?


not having gone through the process before, I would like to ask the wisdom of the Pin - what would be an average time scale from having an offer accepted on a property to being able to move in, assuming no delays on my side ?

Thanks for the ongoing advice and insights.


Depends on the vendor. Anything from 8 weeks to never.

I often hear 3 months talked about as a reasonable time-line presuming a willing vendor and two competent solicitors.

7-8 weeks is very doable as long as both sets of Solicitors are competent and doing their jobs and its a straight forward transaction.

Took from early March last year until the August bank holiday weekend to get the keys and a few months later to moving in. Got nervous along the way but all worked out in the end.

Anecdotal but personal experience was going sale agreed mid May, got the keys August 1st.

Once you take control of house, would you change locks or just trust other party?

We went Sale Agreed at the beginning of Feb, getting keys mid May.

Are you dependent on any financial institution? If so add 4 - 8 weeks.
For us the bank took about 7 weeks send out the loan approval letter - there were mistakes/delays on all sides.

As was said before, any reasonably competent solicitor could have it completed in 7-8 weeks.
But, assuming all parties are willing, there is no reason good solicitors could not complete it in 3 weeks.

September, I would change the locks. Sometimes peace of mind can be very easily and cheaply purchased.

If there is a mortgage involved getting mortgage protection life assurance can sometimes cause delays with underwriting etc. You should start this process straight away.

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Replies are spot on so far with the best being 2 weeks to never.

What tends to hold things up are title issues, planning issues, mapping issues, banking issues, chain of transaction issues, pernickity/slow solicitors etc. In other words a myriad.

our recent experience was that we went sale agreed 2nd week in Dec and got keys 2nd week in April so about 16 weeks which included Christmas week, waiting for probate to be granted, getting final loan approval, delays by vendor.

I was sale agreed recently. The vendor had everything ready and I was looking at a 6 week closing.

Then that fell through (not related to the timeframe), and unfell through a few weeks after, so it’ll probably end up as 9-10 weeks in all.

We did it in 5 weeks auction to keys. It was back in early 2012. Solicitor said it was their fastest ever one. I pushed them for updates via email a couple of times a week. It was a relatively smooth process though.

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