Access to funding for Irish SMEs second worse in Europe

Access to funding for Irish SMEs second worse in Europe - report … iness.html

Transition year students obviously helping out in RTE.

At least Pravda used correct grammar.

Imagine these are publicly funded best paid broadcasters in the country, reporting on activities of the state owned banks.

They can’t even communicate correctly, great education system in Ireland building the nollege ecunumy a key priurity fur de guverment.

My point is that organisations, like people betray their real state by small slips. The Irish Times and RTE both frequently publish typo’s and grammatical errors. Irish householders fund RTE to the tune of what around €100m a year. For this they also get a depressed advertising market which reduces viability of other free to air services. So only rich oligarchs with secondary agendas will compete in the news business, as returns to capital in Irish media are depressed by the State interfering in the advertising market by selling below cost.

RTE probably puts no more than 20000 headlines on it’s news site per year. For the sake of €1K per story could they please check the grammar, let alone the facts, let alone make some intelligent comment.

Also don’t forget the RTE broadcasters, so opinionated, so sure are often those very people like, Irish bankers who have never spent time working in the world outside Ireland, so have very little real world objective knowledge. Its a shame.

Surely you mean the No ledge economy!


ha ha ha - they edited the headline in real time sneakily correcting their mistake no doubt when an adult turned up - at 2.47pm in afternoon.

new headline

Access to funding for Irish SMEs remains a problem - report

Updated: 14:47, Thursday, 11 October 2012