Access to roof space?

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on the following:

There’s a house I’m interested in. Old and needs a lot of work.

One problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any access to the roof space to inspect the timbers.

The roof was re-slated not too long ago by the looks of it. But that would make me worried about the roof timbers having being exposed to damp. Even more so if there is no roof access, and thus maybe airless and unventilated (potential for dry rot.)

Any ideas on how to do it for least trouble (for ourselves and the EA.)


A house with no attic access would raise my suspicions immediately. Opening a well/ access hole would seem the only way in - assuming the original access hasn’t just been plastered over. Cutting through very old ceiling joists is a fraught business - You could be left with a sagging ceiling that can’t be fixed without replacing loads of joists.
If this roof was re-slated recently, a roof window could have been fitted to allow access.
I would insist on access being provided by the vendor.