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Many of the four, eh*? They got in four lowball offers and this is a sign that we’ve reached the bottom. This article is just plain dumb.

I’m fed up with this nonsense now. The message just isn’t sinking in at all. We’re nearly three fecking years from the peak and the vast, vast, vast majority of the population, the meeja and the political class still have only one single obsession in their tiny pointy little brains: “Get on the ladder quick!”

I’m starting to have some serious contempt for the vast majority of the people of my country. That just can’t be right. Where did we go so badly badly wrong as a nation? What the feck is wrong with these people?!?!

*Which makes perfect sense in Discworld Trollish, of course.

I honestly think that some time before the end of the year there will be a “dead cat bounce”, when some people will look at the price compared to the price at peak and see value. It won’t be enough to scare most into buying , but I bet it will be well advertised :angry:

Inane…feeble minded dribble…thats what the above amounts to…some Ea Buddies of his have been feeding him a right old lump of bullshit…and he ran with it
Pityfull… :unamused:

These sort of articles have come out every spring since the bubble burst, and with each passing year they get ever more desperate.

It’s not unique to this country. Some of what happened in Iceland and the US is comparably bad.

Not wanting to get into a debate on trollish linguistics, but if we’re talking trollish, he’s suggesting three of the offers were too lowball. As I recall, the counting was one two many lots, right? I haven’t got my copy of Men At Arms to hand but I am pretty sure that’s where it’s discussed.

Actually, come to think of it, someone borrowed it and I never got it back. This is a good excuse to go to Amazon.

You have to remember that many people were making a good living selling property. That they were shafting buyers or that it is not sustainable does not bother them. Many homeowners liked the idea that they were getting “rich”. It’s an alluring drug. So expect articles like this to continue.

Given the level of drop in sales, it is reasonable to expect some increase (Do you think everyone has got commonsense over the last few months?)This will get trumpeted. Harder economic and banking realities are likely to trump this. You can’t run an economy selling houses to each other.

I agree with you that purchasers should get honest information from mainstream media, but that wouldn’t pay the bills.

Wow. 4 offers made to one office.

The market has turned and im going to spend tonight queing outside the ea office to get that value first thing tomorrow before the stampede.

This article is similar to other articles citing an increase in phone calls to ea offices as proof that the bottom had been reached.

Weve only just begun folks !!!

We have been speculating about a “dead cat bounce” for the guts of two years now and with a string of hairshirt budgets now imminent I don’t see where this bounce will come from and I predict the exact opposite happening with an acceleration in the slide before year end.

Yup, that’s right. One, two, many, lots!

So, which three Pinsters were bored last week and stuck in some lowball offers just out of boredom. Come on, own up ye young rapscallions!

“I’ll offer you €50 for those 4 houses”

:angry: have been following The Pin since last Jan when we sold our place and decided to rent but have to admit I am defo one of the 4 who placed an offer with Lisney Main office last week - and surprise surprise it was lowball - 20% less than the recently decreased price - naturally it was rejected almost immediately but I do still expect to hear back from them probably in the next fortnight … qui audet adipiscitur !!!

House in Waterford on at €295k (and it was grossly overpriced at that - needs about €25k of remedial work). Dropped to €230k. EA rang and asked would I take it for €200k on Thursday last. I told him it was still too expensive at €200k, but we would view it. Hasn’t even returned the call about a viewing.

You bring a song to my heart Minerva. Just when I think I am shouting at the dark, a voice shouts back! May you who dared, win.

Rents officially falling faster than property prices. A veritable bonanza of rental properties available!
Irish people must be still as stupid as ever if they’re buying the ‘buying is better than renting’ argument even now!!!

Have I missed something?

3/25 = 0.12 = 12% Conversion rate
18/320 = 0.05625 = 5.625% Conversion rate

So a halving of the customer to sale conversion rate is a sign of the recovery?

GTFO lazy hack parrot scum journo

Agreed, more of this type of s*hite in yesterdays Sunday Bus Post:

:angry: … qqqx=1.asp

With the journo doing the maths by next week we could have a shortfall of property instead of the “overhang”, glut, swamped in the fecking stuff running into hundreds of thousands we have currently. Can we complain about this bad journalism to anyone or should we just email the gobshite “wot wrote it”?

we should expect a flurry of activity
Some people who have been holding out and some canny bargain hunters are looking to get back in not wanting to miss the bottom…
a few posters around here have taken the plunge,
however the mass of stock available means it’s unlikely that anyone who wants will regret holding fire

Does running away count as “activity”?