Actual Rents being achieved

I am trying to collect some data on the actual market rents being achieved for rental properties in the Greater Dublin Area. I am aware of course that I can determine asking rents from a number of sources (including here) but I’m much more interested in trying to discern the actual rent levels being achieved through new lettings.

For instance, is there any evidence that actual rents are 10% or more lower than the asking rent sought by the landlord, given the stronger position of tenants these days?
Does any Pinster know where I might find this data? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you tried phoning the IAVI?

01 661 1794

In fairness, CelloPoint, I don’t think the IAVI would readily give out that type of information.

What are you insinuating, in any case?

It’s pretty obvious that rents are dropping and have been for some months now as inventory of rental property continies to soar. Data on drops in asking rents can be gleaned here on the Pin, on IPW and also on the Daft Report.

But I am interested in the ever impotant difference between the asking rents and the actual rents being agreed on at letting. If anyone has an idea on any international or indeed Irish research carried out in this area, I woould be interested.

how can you think that?

they even supply the CSO:


Put an ad on daft and drop the price until you get interest. Ad costs 15 Euros per month.

Well, I’ve nothing to rent out to anyone, I’m just trying to ascertain the difference between asking rents and rents being achieved on the signing of the lease.

Like house prices, I think that there is a good bit of divergence - I’ve heard anecdotal evidence from hearsay of 10% to 15% of actual agreed rents below the asking amounts in certain cases but of course that is not a representative sample.

With rental stock soaring, how much are tenants being empowered by the data to demand lower rents from landlords?

Ehhhh. I didn’t think you did. If you want to know what the take up on rents are then you’ve only one way to find this out (As mentioned above). This is Ireland, the land of the vested interest and bought government. You don’t get this info for free. You gotta work for it. Heck I’m givin it to you, take it from my hands…

I think you should apply for a position at the CSO BertieBasher. Heaven knows they need an injection of young blood with ideas and drive!

The only people who have these real figures are the tenants and the landlords/agents. The Government body which has records of submitted registrations is the PRTB. On their registration form, which must be signed by both parties, the monthly/weekly rental figure must be completed. See . Their last report is y/e 31/12/2006. From that publication they provide the following details:

Number of applications registered on computer system 137,961
Number of landlords 83,102
Number of tenants 246,587
Average number of applications received daily 484
Average number of applications returned daily because there is no cheque attached 11 (2%)
Average number of applications returned daily as being incomplete 184 (38%)

You could start with them, or someone from CSO could put in a call to them.
Hope this helps your search…

My experience would be that only 25% landlords register with PRTB.

It’s particularly bad “down the country”.