Adrigole, 186 Stillorgan Road, Dublin 4 (-525k, -35%)

Was 1.5m

Now 1.3m … lin/224768
2900 sq ft, €448/sq foot

Very expensive still compared to 146 Stillorgan road for €695k … n-4/219185

1.3 mill for semi-d? :open_mouth:

North east facing gardens as well unless I’m missing something.

haha - did they light the fire in an empty house? was this to make it look more “homely” ?
btw you could do an awful lot to 146 with 600k

sorry I realise this isn’t a price drop - I’ll slap my own hand.

Yes indeed. I am interested in something like this and have a good 650k to expend on it so I drove by 146 stillorgan rd today and yes it is a north-east facing garden, albeit a nice and long one (not very much use me-reckons when it is north-facing). Nice looking house from the outside though.

Edited to add, I bet the noise from the rd must be something else, it is right on the N11.

Now €975k and

I like this house. Can anyone see this going under 700k? Wishful thinking? It is D4, I suppose…

I rent round the corner.

This house is just off the N11, with the slip road taking away some of the noise. The house is also set back a bit from the slip. However, yes, it is noisy, especially from the buses going up the slip, getting stopped at red light for ucd, then moving off again.

I wouldn’t buy it full stop. For this money I’d buy on nearby Woodbine Road. See No. 5

That house in Woodbine is lovely. And I have no hang-up about being in D4. Then again I don’t see this going sub 700 either. You never know though.

You never know, but doubtful.

It’s not D4. You just cross into Co. Dublin, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown by the slip road. Per An Post it’s in Blackrock, though I think it’s really Booterstown.

That house is about 50 yrds from being in D4!

The old stone slab marking the boundary is on the path (or at least used to be) just a bit up towards Nutley Park.

I’m pretty sure it becomes **Stillorgan **after that.

Sale agreed

About time. Been for sale for a long, long time. I’d be interested to see what it went for in the end

some of the real dreggs are moving now. Probably a combination of the current strength of SCD along with a dose of realism for sellers…

I’d hardly consider this place part of the dregs. :confused:

With comments like this I should call myself Conceited

I really just meant in terms of how long they’ve been on the market - should have said some of the stuff that has been languishing on the market for ages :unamused:

On the topic of languishing property.
Just up the road, El Carmen enters it’s ****4th ****year !

Gotcha. :slight_smile:

Adrigole, 900k give or take (confirmed by the agent). Looks like someone didn’t mind the noise or the north facing garden