Ads & Site Fonts


The Pin has new ads up, presumably to generate revenue. I’m OK with that. But they keep flipping the page around.


Haven’t seen any flipping myself - what device, browser and OS is this happening on?


Chrome on android is terrible.the cookie warning is huge etc


Chrome on Mac, the cookie banner isn’t too intrusive, just a small banner across the bottom.


Is someone mucking around with styling on the site? All the fonts have changed horribly and my eyes are hurting. Most of the fonts have gotten bigger, button texts don’t fit in the buttons on the comment editor etc. etc. Same in Chrome and Firefox. I haven’t changed any of the OS display settings as far as I can tell.

EDIT: just tried with Safari on iPad, so it’s definitely not me, the machine, or the browser. It’s firkin’ horrible!


My fonts were all tiny this morning. It took some zooming to get back to visible!


Looks like an “upgrade” went wrong!


Well, it may not be ‘wrong’, it may be a side effect of the upgrade, though, to a more secure version… (that the default CSS changed? Not really my topic :slight_smile:).


It’s like Alice in Wonderland. This morning I had to expand everything to make it readable, now I have to shrink it all. A little bird tells me the site is undergoing some “improvements”. I’m registering my vote to put it back the way it was. :smiley:


I’m grateful for the ads. How else would I have ended up marrying Svetlana at my Costa Rican investment property ?


It’s weird. This morning, it all started off normal, but then suddenly, everything was tiny. I tried to reset it all, but the zoom would only work on the column headings, so the forum titles would scale up to 30 point, while the rest of the text stayed microscopic.

This evening, it started off a bit big, like a high visibility, large print version, but it’s been getting progressively smaller every few minutes.

Odd, or what?


Someone’s clearly “tweaking” the site’s scripting as every time I refresh, it’s different!


Something has to be done with the font, its hurting my eyes, what was the name of the old font? Ill do it myself with an extension but anything I try is even more painful…





Please, I can’t take the font anymore!!! The old one was grand.


Hold ctrl and zoom in/out with your scroll wheel, mine was just zoomed wrong.


Or (in several browsers) Ctrl/0 (zero) to set to the default size. (Ctrl +/- to zoom in/out).


Ooh. It’s gone all Alice in Wonderland again.


Not as bad now on Android? Having latest posts in larger font is good


Not sure who dreams up those font sizes and overall layout. It actually puts me off reading the pin.
Either the post fonts are too big, or space between lines and/or paragraphs, or you zoom out and you can’t read half of the other stuff.

If there’s any help wanted to look into this I am more than happy to spend a bit of time.

What’s the forum software again that’s being used here?

EDIT; Looks like phpBB, but some old’ish version(?).