Advert in papers to counter TOM.

Alright folks the time has come. You have all been writing stuff for a long time now. It is time to walk the walk.
We need a full page advert in Indo and Times explaining to people what is happening. The media is just not reporting it.

This thread is about pledging. No talking about content etc please. there will be another thread for that if this is a success.
Just post what you are willing to do.
We need money and organisers.

Here’s a start. I will donate 1000 Euros.
Is anybody willing to organise?

How much is a full page advert in these two papers? I am sufficiently incensed and I pledge €100. If one of the mods posts bank account details, I’ll transfer the money.

We also need a text for the ad.

Good man. When we get an organiser on board they can find out how much it is gonna cost.
We can worry about content at leisure.

I will donate €100. I dont know how this can be organised but I have been shouting at the radio for too long now. Lets punk it up and do this ourselves. Take a cool, reasoned, well-researched look at whats happening, use facts alone, and de-construct the Construction Industry. This State and the crooked, undeveloped, uneducated, unintelligent, uncaring gombeens who run it (and I dont limit that to politicians) need to be exposed.

Sign me up for a grand.

Absolutely. Right with you there. This maddness has gone on for way too long.

Irish Times rate card Full page mono €25,900 + VAT :open_mouth: Start negotiating!

€100 for me.

€100 from me - also had enough shouting at inanimate objects.

Perhaps a paypal account might be the way to go? We should also look at how the anti-Lisbon treaty did their stuff. Like or loathe their message, their method of getting their message across was excellent.

€100 from me too

I suggest the sindo

Hit them where it hurts

Ok. Calm down. There are plent of ways to advertise. Lets not put up barriers. I also think we may spark some interest from the media and we may get some free advertising.

€100 from me too.
I’ll leave the details up to you guys but think the sindo is the way to go :smiling_imp:

€100 from me also.

If we do this it will need a lot of organisation to get a single clear message out.

So €33k for a full-page ad. We only need 33 people to give €100 each. Same for the Indo. 66 donors to expose this farce!!! This can be done.

I doubt the papers will take anonymous ads - anyone confirm?

Indo/Sindo rate card

Indo mono €28,570 + VAT

Sindo mono €33,125 + VAT

there’s a zero missing somewhere there

I’m in for a hundred

D’oh - lost the run of myself there!! 330 donors needed :blush:

This is going to take several days so lurkers get a username and help out you have time.

if you don’t mind we’ll not have you compiling the stats :wink:

Pat kenny on radio now

rent v buy prices is on

big talk of inflated prices