Advice needed, terraced house in Goatstown WIW

Hi, I would appreciate advice on this house please - we are having some very hard times deciding.
Does it worth paying 465K for this … dublin-14/ (southern aspect)
My observation of the market tells me it might be overpriced, not sure I am right though.
Similar terraced houses in the area:
This house is now sale agreed at 430K, asking was 450K … 14/3099042 (western aspect)
This house has no offers for over 8 weeks, asking is 475K … 14/2976876 (northern aspect)
The last house in the estate was sold in June last year for 420K (with initial asking being 425K) and it was the end-of-terrace (bigger garden, but eastern aspect though)
We were actively bidding on other houses in the area and the selling prices were around the last summer’s figures (eg. … 14/3111798 sale agreed for 530K, neighbouring house sold for 521K last summer’14), sometimes even less then that.
Thanks for your help.

Goatstown prices are always a bit of a mystery to me, don’t quite get the attraction of the location.

Either way, I’d be factoring in the cost of knocking that sun room in the next year or two, looks paper thin and a major source of heat loss.

If you have, or plan to have, kids there is not much room in the garden for them to play in and the garden looks very overlooked so I am not sure what value the “southern aspect” of that house has. I personally hate a very overlooked back garden in a house. Older houses tend to have bigger and more private gardens.

You’ve a nice chunk of NAMA over the wall. A fine big site that was once the Glass Bottle company social club/sports ground. Caution advised dealing with that EA.

The Birchfield house looks better value to me (side entrance, better house overall.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Castlebrook or Roebuck Castle.

Put in a cheeky offer somwhere, see what happens…

What about this one? … 14/3104890

2 minutes from Luas, good EA to deal with.

Thanks for the advice! Lots of food for thought there.
There seem to be another problem there which is that neighbours extension encroaching into the garden by 4" of brick work and 2" of gutters overhanging felt from the roof.
FirstBass, I’ll PM if you don’t mind.

of course, not a problem

I wouldn’t buy a house in Roebuck Castle. When I was in UCD loads of them were rented with a load of students in each.

Agree. They’re pretty poorly built.

OP, I wouldn’t be keen on any of the houses you linked to above (first one seems to have been removed, btw).