Advice needed to secure a property

i’ve been bidding on a property for the last while - very slow drawn out process - painful even

couple of questions - is it wrong to approach the owners who i know are in financial difficulties and offer them cash for ‘furniture’ in addition to my offer (yeah know this is wrong but i really want to close this)
also the other bidders have started going up in tiny amounts is this normal - this sort of suits me tho’ as i’ve already maxed out too.

Once it gets down to 1k increments, the other bidders are likely near their max.

If you’re already at your max it’s best to move on rather than spending more money than you can afford.

How are you at your max bid if you are still bidding and thinking about offering cash for the furniture? Best just to make a final offer you are happy with and walk if its unsuccesful, even if beaten by a small incremental bid.

thanks for your responses

i’m at the max i can comfortable bid but have access to a little more cash (that i havent declared to the mortgage provider) problem is i just cant let go - i’ve been looking for the right place for years!!!