Advice on buying Sandycove/Glasthule/Glenageary?

Does anyone have advice on property prices in the Sandycove/Glasthule/Glenageary areas? I’m looking to buy as I like the village and seafront but am unsure of the areas to concetrate on and where to avoid! Viewed a bungalow in Gowrie Park, but the building work on the ex-golf club site put me off. Albert Road prices are crazy IMHO. Saw another property on Rosmeen Park (didn’t view) but not sure if €775k is a bit steep for a place backing on to the DART station! Any suggestions on where to watch for a place or if I should hold on for some more reductions?

Five miles out,
I agree re gowrie park -wouldnt touch it. Rosmeen Park is far to over priced…Id say a price of €550K would be about all Id pay. Albert Road is a nice road, but busy and I agree still too over priced. Alot of the houses in the area still are unrealistic. You’ll probably get the best price in Glasthule for property. HTH
HH is a handy site to help you get a grip on what prices are doing in your area.

Now for something a little more on point. Supply is incredibly restricted in these areas. The only people selling are probate and marraige breakdowns.

So, although hundreds of houses in these areas are is a distressed position they (the owners) are still in situ and not likely to move.

€1m homes are getting multiple offers around the 700k mark and eeking up to 800.

Until we get auction of repossed properties we will stay at these levels. Clearing, in my view, will not start for at least 12 months.

There is an entire country and banking sector trying to support prices and nothing will change until pennies start dropping.

The irony is that taxpayers WILL be paying for certain good burghers our SCD for a few years to come.

I will happily pay 500k for house requiring 200k work and feel my 700k house will be worth it over the life of the mortgage. Problem is 500k still buys diddly sqat.


More reductions?! We’ve hit the bottom you clod! Lenny has decreed it so. Get yourself on the ladder post haste. :unamused:

Literally EVERY house i phone up about in this area is sale agreed, even though they stay on for ages and the boards remain ‘for sale’. The EA never takes any details from me, or offers me a call back should things change or a similar property come on the market. Is this some kind of conspiracy to make people think everything is selling, or just EA laziness?

Hmmmm= advice would be to wait it out. I’ve seen a couple of big price reductions lately (e.g. 3 lower albert road, Carisle Terrace). So I think reality is setting in. Add to this the fact that only FTBs can get financing and its nearly impossible to get loan for a doer-uper, and you put big pressure on demand in this area.

This area reminds me a lot of Dalkey. It reflects the settlement heritage- dock workers, retirees or aristocrats/wealthy. There’s actually a good supply of small council-house type places like Elton road. Loads of these are on sale now for about 400-500K. Likewise, there are a good number of apartments and you can source 1M+ (used to be 3M+) mansions. What’s hard to find is a good honest 4-bed for a couple with 2-3 kids for less than 600-650K (e.g. price that an upper-professional FTB couple with 150K in income can actually afford).

Where these exist, no one wants to pay 800K for them, when you can buy a 2500 sq foot period house for 900K.

Rental yields in this area are also particularly low (you can rent 5 min walk from the DART/seafront properties for 1 euro per sq foot per month). Buying this costs about 400 euro per sq foot now. So a rental yield of 3%. The area has been hit a lot by the corporates retrenching on expat packages and no longer signing blank cheques for 5K a month to house some VP from Seattle.

If I were you, I’d make a few very low-ball offers on places you like. But steer clear…