Advice re a credit search?


Hiya, I don’t know where/who to ask but thought one of you might tell me (you have been life saving in past) I have a few credit card debts (6 deaths in family within 2 years things got awful) and currently negotiating with them re a settlement. I don’t have much but might swing it. I also had a biz idea that came out of the death situation (v. socially minded) and think I can do it with very little, just my online efforts. I honestly think it will save lives, so do others who have heard about it. But been told to set up a limited company. Should i use my own name or would it show up in search for cc companies? Frankly if they knew and pushed it,I literally couldn’t do the new biz. Should I use my partners name and I will be a shareholder? In the north by away!


this is a good question for if you haven’t already checked there.


What do your credit card debts have to do with setting up a limited company? Just fire ahead and setup the company.