Advice requested on 12 St Vincent Street South

Dear all, the asking price on this was 395 and is now 380. Its very nice inside, although the living room is really a large hall and if you ate a big lunch in the patio, you might be trapped there for a while.

Is this a reasonable price? I do not live in Irleand now but want something to come back home to. … -8/472450/

Nice on the inside, not 395k nice though. Thats a lotta money make sure you do the right thing with it.

15k off?

Buy it, its a steal.

Scratch that. Buy 2.

Your crazy to even ask that question.

This house would be expensive at half that price which, I am sure, you will eventually find out if you are foolish enough to buy it.

Run away whilst you still can.

At first glance it does not seem too bad for the area, nice architecture, painfully close to city centre etc… but the rectangle above which it says “st Vincent” on the map is not a nice block of redbrick, it is in fact a block of corpo flats (admittedly made from bricks which are red in colour). Which is fine and no aspesions on the residents, but its not not the best view and certainly not priced in to the asking at all at all. I’d hate you to come all the way home from wherever and be disappointed…

Thanksfor the advice so far. Let me reply to some posts in case this may lead to additional advice.

About the flats across the road. The Guards have said that the area sees very litle trouble. The next door neighbour says the same. I have been to the flats three times, including Saturday night, and all was quiet. No “Hoodies”. It seems a quiet settled set of flats. Of course that could change. I have spent a few hours walking from the house to St Patrics cathedral, the Mosque, Rathmines and along the canal. I had no problems and it was the weekend. Perhaps I was lucky.

The city centre being 10 minutes walk is an attraction for me.

I would not offer 380 but less. It is 800 sq ft, which is bigger than more expensive not done up cottages in 6W.

I gues the post “buy two” is unhelpful sarcasm, so nuff said about that.

Thanks all for the comments so far.

Its nicely photographed,a wide angle lens was used,this gives the appearance of a much larger room but when you actually view the property are surprised at how small the rooms are,this is just my experience…also a 15k drop does not seem remotely significant,personally I would wait until well into next year before even looking at buying,install propertybee,this will show you price drops on properties(not sure if it is back working though)

(The sitting room is very narrow.)

I check it again as I was wondering why one would say 10 mn while google said 50, well , apparently this is 10 minutes away now? And not near the dodgy area a dolphin barn…
Sorry for the misleading.
I changed the price, its a wee up. there is only parking on the road, and it look really narrow.
I give this kip less then 185,000 in 3 years.
I forgot to say that there is no need for any “parasol” (it that doesn’t fit anyway as too big) in the what ever the back gutter is called, there is no sun. And please, do not call this a backyard, the garden, the retreat, or what ever, at most its a place for the wheelie bin, and again, at most, not a place you like to crawl and seat with your imaginary friend ( no one else would be there).

Lived around the corner on Grantham St. sometime in the mid 90’s. It was a great area to live, convenient to town, not great for dart though (no luas in dem days). We never had any hassle, car problems etc as it is not on a route typically taken by gougers.
I’m sure the seller has more discount built into the asking, that could bring it into line with the range of an apartment price, but nicer imo. If it is a house to live in, with a long term view, you could do worse.

Dont know whether I picked it up here or not, but generally if you can see the ceiling and the floor in a photo it means a wide-angled lense has been used.

Me again. What do people think this house is worth?

I know these houses, I was in one, once. Opposite are flats. In 1980 they wouldn’t have fetched 20k but imagining they did, and then doubled in value every 10 years, you’d be talking 160k. When people remmber this is Dublin and not Tokyo or London, this house might fetch that kind of money.

Now way that house is worth €380k. How much was it at the height of the boom in '07? How much has it fallen in value since then?

I would hold off until late next year as a previous poster said. I would expect it to drop another €100k in value and then buy. If you bought at that price now you would well be into negative equity in 12 months.

Nice area though.

In other words 72m2.
An absolute upper limit would be 4K / m2
i.e. 288K

2010 will see sub 4K / m2 in most parts of Dublin

Looking at the “sitting room” pic, methinks you would end up with an awful pain in your neck from looking at the TV - the angle from the sofa to the screen TV must be 45 degrees at least! And only the two people on either side of the radiator coudl even see the TV anyway!

The chairs out the back are there for the hummour content - must be. It’s ridiculous. On a serious note, I would ask what the drainage is like there - with no grass to soak up the rainwater, it has to go somewhere…one suspects under the backdoor.

Personally, it’s the “sitting room” first which would put me off this property, including the price which is about €100k too much.


That is insane to even consider buying that. Think what you can rent for less than half that in Dublin. Those photos have been taken with a fish eye, hell, even the living room is only twice the width of the couch, barely enough room to stretch your legs out in.

The obsession with renting to the bank (sorry buying), for no apparant reason in fact the opposite of reason financially is quite amazing.

Where are you moving back from?

That is a ONE bedroom house, not a two bedroom house.
If you turn one of the bedrooms back into the living room that it clearly was meant to
be then you might have something.


Hey! if you have that much and like the place then go for it.