Advice required. House in Dublin +ve equity but we're overseas w/ 1 income only. Sell & buy new ppr, sell & invest & new ppr ... or

Formerly two incomes in Ireland, one sporadic (contract) and the other decent US MNC wage. Bought at bottom of market. EUR200k equity. Raising kids.

Moved overseas to European capital almost 2 years ago and while not financially stretched (yet), the main wage-earner could lose his job and the other formerly earning spouse cannot easily find local work in home-country.

Funds are getting tighter but we can survivie nicely on one income. We are renting overseas.

Should we sell Dublin property to gie breathing space to income ans use money to find local PPR? We will not be moving back to Ireland. Or what else should we do?

Your decision could depend on many factors.

Are you renting out your Dublin property and how does that compare with what you are paying in rent overseas? Also if the main income earner lost his job where you are living now how confident are you that he would get another similar position there? Perhaps you might have a better chance of getting another similar role in Ireland or perhaps your family will have to move elsewhere such as the US?

In any case I don’t think any property can or will sell in Ireland until restrictions are lifted and some normality returns (and we might see another lockdown later in the year even if this happens). Perhaps sit tight for now to see how the job situation develops. And if concerned over the job situation I would start looking for another position immediately as job opportunities will be few and far between in many occupations for a while and roles will move very slowly.

Very hard to sell now with the lockdown
Expect a totally different market after the lockdown to what was there before.
Some saying no change ,others saying a recession is a certainty and prices will drop
By how much ,no one knows,but a recession is guaranteed as someone has to pay for all the 350 euro,no matter what FFG say