I am going to make a second offer on a house today. I am a first time buyer. Please could you offer any advice on what i should ask for at this stage?

what is the norm regarding fixtures and fittings? at what stage would you talk about these?

Should i be seeking energy rating information?

should i be checking the house structurally at this stage or after a price is agreed upon?

I want to indicate that this is as a high as we will bid. Is there a specific way to indicate this. I will be speaking to the estate agent. Should i just be looking to convince them…or should i put conditions on the offer and if so should they be in writing?

Id really appreciate feed back on past experiances

Make damn sure you make your offer conditional on survey and bank’s valuation…

You should have the BER cert to hand already and know exactly what you are buying, etc.

Why are you making a second offer? Was the first one refused or was another bidder involved who bidded higher?
Has the EA come back saying 1st offer refused but they will accept X?

You agree the price first and then get the house checked.
Otherwise you are paying for a survey but you may never get an offer accepted on that particular house.
When negotiating with EA’s always be a bit cagey. Never say that’s my final offer. Say something like ‘I don’t think we can go any higher than that’.
If you are offering under the asking price (I hope you are) then re-state that you have mortgage approval (I presume so) and are not in a chain. And that you can have the booking deposit with them ASAP.
If your offer is accepted you will need to put down about 1-2% of the asking price in a booking/holding deposit with the EA.

First ask the EA:

Where do you live?
How long have you lived there?
What kind of mortgage do you have?
Have you considered buying this property yourself as a buy to let?
How bad is your negative equity?
How many properties have you sold in the last six months?
Where are they?
How much below asking did they sell for?

Remember, get to know your EA, show an interest in them, EAs are people too!

Your offer should never be your final offer.

Whatever you are thinking about offering, drop 20%, prepare to re-offer at 10% and accept the possibility of getting as little as 5% off - so on a €225K asking price, with a final offer of 200 in mind - offer 160, prepare to go to 180, and if you’re really bad at negotiating settle on 190.

On a side note so, if I asked (as I did) about a BER cert and got the bum’s rush from an EA (he said that it would be all sorted out when necessary at the end, no need to worry, no houses had them, etc.) he was pulling a fas one?

I too have experienced this. I’ve looked at five houses in the last two weeks and not one of them had BER certificates. No doubt the seller expects you to shell out he €500 to get the thing 8-

Best typo of the week.

They are required to have a BER to sell - otherwise they get a fine.

if you want to help out Ireland’s fiscal position, you can always shop these people in… :angry:

thanks for the advice. In particular i wouldnt have thought to use the lack of a chain and ‘ready to go’ as a spur to the sellar.

A BER cert is required to advertise the property in the first instance, of course, the whole thing is completely unregulated and about worth as much as a single square of wet tissue paper during the most violent diarrohorea attack of your life but how and ever…

How’s that for your mental image of the day, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any advice for doing this? :nin

Do as TUG says above. What happens is that you agree on €X based on a surveyors report. The seller agrees. Then you shell out for a surveyor who finds out that the house needs €Y to fix all the things he found.
Then you come to an agreement with the seller to meet them somewhere in between the €X and €X-€Y.

Fixtures and fittings are usually left behind unless you have some fancy pants light shades that you like, In that case take them.

Any update?