Advisory group Forfás plans review of property market


Interesting - anyone seen this tender??

Findings will be published in 2019, when the next “boom” is in full swing. President Ahern will reject the findings as “past history” and urges people to move on.


Here is the notice … =AUG163421

Dogs on the street know why property market went out of control.
Another gravy train for yet another quango.

They will advice few things that will never be implemented OR it will be used as a vehicle to change things that won’t be possible politically e.g. HIQA closing smaller hospitals because they provide substandard TIMELY services. Patients are being told to WAIT for centre of excellence.

Advisory group forfas plans to pay someone else to research the property market, cut out the bits they don’t like and they publish it as an achievement of forfas thus, ten years too later, trying to justify their existence before the next round of cuts?

Did I miss anything?

Maybe the propertypin should submit a tender?

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Sounds like a total waste of money, at a time when the government should be watching every penny it spends why bother with this?

I cannot say I remember a single contribution Forfas has made to the debate on property in Ireland over the last decade. And now this? Huh? Maybe I missed the memos.