Affordability for first time buyers soars.

Ah, the annual piece of shite from EBS / DKM…

With interest relief and a teaser rate of about 2.8%, I presume they are talking about a 200,000K mortgage over 35 years.

WTF can you buy for that?

RTE have something as well on this -

Love the comment from DKM’s Annette Hughes on house prices not returning to a “Stable” level for a while…When were they ever stable tell me!

Given that you’d need a 10% deposit, house purchase budget would be E220,000

Of the 50,366 houses for sale on, 18,814 of them are under E225K.

Allowing for a slightly bigger deposit and a bit of negotiations 23,839 of them are under E250K.

regardless of what is actually for sale at this price,

i can never understand how there are no actual decent, liveable places for sale at this price, yet it is the average price.
its just a pain that they include all property in the bag and not just break it up into categories.
sure houses are cheaper now on average, but all the ones for sale are the size of an armpit.

bah, roll on [insert cataclysmic event of choice]

In the current fiscal climate is this just a more subtle version
of what Dan & Austin came out with at the peek of our super bubble.
I guess we still have a few shameless Pump Monkeys around.

Hey, be my guest…

Because one over priced house in Darndale proves some sort of point?

There is a hell of alot more to the country then Dublin for a start.

Overpriced houses in Darndale do kind of prove a point yeah.

And I wouldn’t say there is a ‘hell of a lot more’ to the rest of the country, greater Dublin accounts for about 40% of population/jobs/economy…

What a bizarre article.
So, we are supposed to assume that it costs virtually nothing to buy a house now?
Even though I am looking around and calculate I would need a jumbo 35yr mortgage with repayments more around the 25-30% mark?

You’re obviously not thinking average enough :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: I suppose I could buy a house in the midlands and commute to Dublin…

the country needs more people with this brand of “can do” attitude :slight_smile:

Let’s probe the figures a bit more. €644 being 12.6% of net income =>total joint net income €5111, Assuming they both earn the same, that equates to €2555 each. Which is the equivalent €38000 gross (assuming no pension contributions :unamused: )
Ignoring mortgage interest relief for the moment.
BOI are offering 170k over 35 years for LTV>80% at 640 per month FTB sweetener rate rolling to €663 after one year.
Total repayment assuming interest rates remain unchanged. €278184, cost of credit €108184 or 63% of the amount borrowed :open_mouth:
Assuming mortgage interest relief of €100 a month (perhaps someone could advise a more realistic figure), they could afford to get a €744 a month mortgage. Approximately 195k over 35 years (one year fixed at 734 p/m rolling to €761 p/m). The Gross cost of credit would be 124453, then assuming relief of 100 per month for 5 years (when is this relief cut off) the net figure would be €118453 or 60.7% of the borrowed money.
Taking the €118453 figure and their monthly combined income of €5111, equating to €61332 annually.
The cost of interest as a percentage of annual income is 118453/61332 x 100 =193%
Or to put it differently the interest would cost them 1.93 years total joint net income, again assuming no interest rate increases. XX
Anything is affordable on a weekly/ monthly basis if you stretch the payment term out long enough. 60 year mortgages are the way to go for true affordability.

might just go out and buy one today, sure they’re giving them away

I’m single and please tell me where these houses that are 4.2 times my gross income are because they aren’t anywhere near where I work. And while I am not particularly well paid, I am paying higher rate tax.

IN short, anecdotally, these assertions are balls.

By affordable they assume you can afford to live in some crap hole…
Which is true of course… we just need to cross reference the “afforability index” with the “I’d rather be buggered than live there” index.

Affordability soars - while credit access dives deep!
Tis affordability indices in Australia and Canada that will be of most interest to the current brood of FTB larvae!

Re: Affordability for first time buyers soars


You can now afford that 1 bed apartment in Portarlington. In 2007 you would have needed 60% of your salary over a 40 year mortgage to buy it. Stop whinging and be grateful for what’s available to you.