Affordable has a definition €320,000


I keep seeing this ‘320,000’ figure popping up everywhere.

It is very reminiscent of the old 317,000 cut-off for FTBers during the last boom, isn’t it.

But I suppose this is all about FTBs. They are what makes this market. - The market essentially depends on a conveyor belt of FTBs pledging their future work to a value of, well… 320K, it looks like…

That is where most of the ‘new’ money for the industry comes from - the FTB ‘promises’ converted to a near instantaneous cash injection to the property industrial complex through a certain sophisticated mechanism…

But I don’t think that’s the issue.

Rather the issue is, “affordability” - and that drives a complex chain of cause and effect, including the political - until we end up with (alleged) “land and building costs”.

To illustrate, let’s take a quick example that caught my eye this evening - Dublin apartments sell for over €3.4m - 22pc above guide

So, even at that, gasp, 22pc inflated price, we’re talking ~106K per two bed apartment. - But a [quick look at daft shows the FTB *must pay well over double for the same apartment. * ([mnb]=2&s[mxb]=2&s[agreed]=1&s[advanced]=1&s[address]=inchicore&sale_tab_name=advanced-sf&searchSource=sale)

Affordable for some. 2Pack has titled the thread perfectly.


So why the f*ck did the state not bid on this? I know that knowledge that the state is involved would probably lead to some inflation but even at (say) 20% more it would be better value than the states current proposals.

We are very definitely be taken for a ride by the developers - they are holding out for the subsidies yet again and the cretins that run the show will give them to them.