Affordable homes advertised on daft

These few ads popped up over the last few days. They advertise affordable homes and the salary limits. Is this a first? How does this effect those on the fingal affordable housing list? Or is it ‘an affordable housing initiative’

This estate is not selling well, not helped by the recent pyrite issue.

2 bed, 64 myrte house, the coast €260K

2 bed, red arches avenue €280K

There are a few other examples. Are these being sold by the developer directly. Does clawback apply?

How much is it costing the taxpayer to market and sell all these affordable houses? Is the developer paying for it?

So someone gets let’s say a €100k discount by purchasing an affordable home – how many gombeens sitting in city council offices does it take to shift all these gaffs? It must be 10s of thousands per gaff (when you consider fat cat salaries, websites, marketing, office employees, offices, etc.) to fund this “Affordable Homes” quango.

saw this one down in loais a while back: … affordable

Is it just me or is there something fundamentally wrong with this?

These are supposed to be “affordable houses” for people than can’t afford to buy into the madness, what the is going on if they have to advertise for people to take them?

I know the answer and it sickens me to the bone, fucking FF is just basically advertising on behalf of the builders …am i right?

It might the situation whereby no-one on the affordable housing list wants them,

It might the situation where the council wants to increase awareness amongst people eligible for affordable houses.

It might be… A lot of things.

I’m on the affordable housing list and they keep sending me letters to my mother’s address. I have no intention of ever giving money to a developer in the form of some dodgy opaque contract that greatly limits what you can and can’t do with your life for the next 40 years.

Recently there they asked me to “send back in all my details” cos they were “updating their database”, blah, blah, blah. They were asking all kinds of questions about my salary, where I’ve been living, how much I earn, am I married, etc. I mean, I wouldn’t mind giving this information over to a banking institution of my choice, but giving some bunch of amateurs in the county council this information is taking the piss – the idiots in charge (including the developer and EA probably) would know all about you before you even turned up to view the place!

I am however, keeping a file of all this crappy documentation they’re sending me. They’d want to go back to school cos they’re spelling is appalling and my 13 year-old cousin could take better photos with his Fisher Price camera. What a bunch of clowns.

I’d be averse to getting an affordable home for the the whole giving my data away thing too. … backfires/

This whole Affordable and social housing malarkey stinks of Political cute-hoorism. It seems to have been conceived on the notion that house prices
would rise forever.
When it was introduced, I often wondered how someone who paid full market value for a property would feel about someone buying the exact same property for 0.5 the full market value. I have seen some heated discussions on about this, they are usually deleted or taken private.
The latest one Here has been Heavily edited, but if you read it you will get the Jist of it.
The whole issue has the potential to turn into a very hot political potato in a down market, why? Read This
. It looks like if I buy an affordable house with a FMV of 300K for 150k, It makes no difference if I sell it for 150k or 300K.
Now suppose I sell it for 150K, What will happen to all those people who paid the FMV? OUCH!

near where I live is an estate of affordable housing and Dublin city council housing for rent.
In the past few months there has been an influx of african familes with young kids.

Government policy is that Non Eu immigrants are not entitled to State benefits including affordable housing etc.
These africans are likely illegals who scammed the system by having a child born here.

These and surrounding environs will be no go areas for white people in a few short years.

I read recently that FF are planning to make these apartments available to all africans with families ahead of single Irish people.
The person who made the statement was a Fiann Fail councillor,I think her name is Fitzgerald.

So rather than means testing of AH applicants, how do you suggest they evaluate who gets awarded housing?

It was presumptuous of the County Councils to think that the general public wouldn’t cop on to their scam (especially those in the professional wage bracket). Now they’re stuck with a load of properties and quite frankly, the only people who will live in the said properties are africans with children.

Africans, having gone through the asylum or immigration process, who are in the country legally and who meet the various criteria for eligibility, are perfectly entitled to apply for consideration under the Affordable Housing Scheme.

As I understand it the fact that they are deemed to qualify under the scheme implies that they are in receipt of a salary and are therefore working and contributing tax to the Irish economy the same as anyone else. I dont see any problem with that.

Im not sure if its your intention to do so but the post actually smacks of scaremongering as it implies that “foreigners” will be provided with affordable housing at the expense of Irish people. Perhaps you should clarify.

Or the person who was awarded the apartment is sub-letting which isn’t allowed but the Council couldn’t be bothered to check it.
I know a lot of affordable housing properties are being sub-let.

There’s no reason why an affordable housing scheme couldn’t turn out to a stable community.

I’d rather not take that risk though (especially when county councils decide who moves in beside you). One is better off buying in an area that they know well and has a reputable and stable track-record. Of course, you need to be in a fortunate position to be able to make these decisions – I’d sooner rent in a stable community with Irish tenancy laws hanging over me, than submit myself to the latest policy of the county councils.

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This is an emotive issue, play nicely people.

I’ve lived in a black ghetto in Boston (back in the 'aul student days). Segregation of communities just doesn’t work and leads to more and more social problems – it’s a never-ending spiral.

Isn’t it ironic that the whole point of Affordable Housing was to allow people on low wages buy in areas close to where their families are from so as to counteract against ghettoisation effects? (and if you believed this, you’ll believe anything!)

Filling up affordable housing schemes is bad for the community already there, bad for the immigrants/refugees themselves and ultimately, the tax-payer has to fork out to solve the mess (just like we’re paying again and again to “fix” Ballymun/Moyross/etc.)

Actually I find the indigenous skanger type is far worse than any group of Africans and a few skangers would wreck any estate in pretty short order.

Yes, I think I posted this trend a while back - it’s how the government is helping fend off the worst of price falls for their developer friends. I suggest you take a close look at the developer of these apartments given over to the never ending rise of immigrants/social welfare recipients…

You’re not discussing the merits of affordable housing there, you’re just letting us know about your prejudices…

Well, if you bought 100 shares in company X, how would you feel if somebody else got the exact same amount of shares as you did for half the price, with a caveat: he can’t sell up without a hefty clawback whereas you can.