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Hey guys!

I’m new here. I am a 32 year old man with a disability(Spina Bifida to be exact). I am in the process of putting my name on the list for Affordable Housing in South Dublin County Council and Dublin City Council’s panels. Are there any other board users who are disabled and who have put there name(s) on any list for the above??

What is the average waiting time between applying and actually being offered a property??

Also, will the fact that I have a disability and that I currently live in totally unsuitable accommodation give me more points on the list??

Thanks in advance.

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You need to look for a place based on what degree of impairment you experience and how your disability is likely to impact you over your lifetime.

  1. If it limits your mobility then you need to focus on location thats near work and services, you may not be offered any choice with the councils.
  2. I assume renting is out of the question if you need to customise your environment.

Your question might be more fully answered by the Disability Federation of Ireland, See the following link.

**Additional information: **

South Dublin County Council - Housing Department Information … 7&faq=true

Dublin City Council Services for People with Disabilities. … -27451.pdf

It took six months for a friend of mine to get offered a place on the list so it seems to be moving relatively quickly.

Did he/she have a disability?


:open_mouth: Bloody hell!!?? How did they manage that!!??

I’d imagine there’s more units available northside than southside probably and perhaps even a demand imbalance.

Do you know if either Dublin City Council or South Dublin County Council offer any “points” in special circumstances, eg Disability?

I have no idea.

But have you rang them up and asked?

I spoke to them a while back, the Fingal people, and they were quite helpful!

South Dublin CC have a website, and a walk-in office at the back of the County Council Offices at the Square.
Waiting List is more than a year at the mo. Here’s a link to the aplication form: … &Itemid=59

They will soon be holding a lottery soon for 1 bed apartments in Aylesbury/Ellensborugh. I think anyone can apply. Look at the website for more info.

Fingal you need an appointment to talk to someone, very helpful when you do get to talk to them though.


This is my first time to post in here in absolutely AGES :unamused:. I went up to Adamstown today(The Paddocks to be exact)to view some 2 bed apartments. The selling price is €295,000, but the “Affordable” price is €228,100. While I would have no problem giving SDCC the deposit, I don’t think I would be able to afford the mortgage repayments and be able to survive…? I think I will have to wait until something cheaper(yeah right!?)comes along…?

Pity, cos I really like the area, and it is close to my workplace, and my parents.


Jaysus, I’ve seen 2 beds elsewhere for cheaper. Adamstown must be different? :open_mouth:

though I doubt it.

I think it’s because of the fact that it’s in the Lucan area…? I could be wrong though…?

Adamstown isn’t exactly close to anywhere for someone with a disability or without a disability for that matter.
Life would become very car-centric.

dipole, read what the poster says:

Everybody has different needs and expectations when it comes to the utility they are seeking from their particular choice of shelter, there is no one size fits all.

I bought close to work. A year later I was made redundant. Will all the commuters get off the packed trains in Adamstown in the morning to let someone get on even if they do have a disability.

Then, what you’re really trying to say, how secure is your employment and have you considered if your circumstances change… There, that was easy enough really.

NO TUG, that’s too softly-softly and understates the issue.
Finding yourself commuting across the City to work everyday completely alters your lifestyle.

The reason it might seem a bit softly softly, is because I presume the original poster has probably considered these factors and doesn’t need condescension… Discussing a home and property is an emotive issue at the best of times and a thread like this, where it is so directly personalised needs everyone contributing to be at their most courteous.

I haven’t a particular view on Adamstown or Lucan or much of suburbia but I know posters on this forum do but it’s really a personal choice when it concerns location at the end of the day, other than the reasonable factors alluded to already.

The issue of the train arriving packed is a problem if you need to use the train.

‘1st Time House Hunter’ when you say that it’s close to work, does that mean close to work you won’t need to use the train, or close to work it’s only a short train ride.

If you need to catch a train and it’s typically packed when it arrives at your station, then you may need to find somewhere else to live.

As for price, everywhere is getting cheaper, but if you’re in a hurry to buy it can seem like it’s taking forever.

Whatever you do, don’t buy something you can’t afford. it will drop in value, you won’t be able to sell it, and you’ll be stuck.