Affordable Housing

By close to work/parents, I meant that all three are within a few miles of each other. I work in Ballyfermot, my parents live in Palmerstown, and the apartment I’ve been looking at is in Adamstown. And I won’t have to rely on public transport, I have a car.

Howdy guys.

I had completely forgotten about this place!!! A wee update for ya all:

After I turned down the 2 bed apartment in Adamstown, I was told that I would be back at the bottom of the list, which is fair enough, cos everyone deserves their chance.

Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, I received a text message from SDCC last Thursday while at a meeting. It was informing me of the opportunity to view properties in both Adamstown and in St Edmunds, Palmerstown!!

I thought to myself: “This is a f**king DREAM, and I’ll wake up in a minute”!! Anyhoo, I went and rang the council and was advised to go along anyway. So, off I went(with my Occupational Therapist in tow) to view an apartment. I saw three apartments - two on first floor and the other one on the ground floor. The AH price is €197,800. So, I have put my name down for the one that I liked the most!!!

Happy days!!!

Apologies to the mods for the swear word, but I’m bloody wound up writing this!!!


200k for a 2 bed apartment in Palmerstown?

Seriously, I’d advise against it and that’s not because my Uncle from Lucan used to sing a song about Palmerstown… :nin

“Councils will be allowed to sell affordable houses on market” … 68867.html
Wednesday, March 25, 2009


wish you the best in your new home amigo, but can you renegotiate the price… is all final?

I tried to negotiate, but was told that that price is final. I seriously don’t mind, cos it’s exactly where and what I wanted when I applied in the first place! It’s so close to work, my parents, and it’s not far off the N4/Lucan By-Pass either!!

Good luck With with the new Place, 8DD

+1. Best of luck.

Thanks! I went to the bank today and got provisional mortgage approval. I’ve also been told by the people at SDCC Loans Dept that the maximum grant that I would be entitled to would be €14,500!!?? I was under the impression that I would get more |O !! I have someone from the IWA on the case as we speak!!!


Yeah, I need to apply to the council for a Home Adaptations Grant in order to make the property(fully)accessible for a disabled person.

Ah yes. I recall you mentioned that now in your opening post… Well hopefully, that end of the deal works out, do keep us informed.

Yep. I will. My brother thinks I am mad to buy a property now, and thinks I should wait until prices drop…? I told him that this property - with a few adjustments - is exactly what I want.


If that’s what’s in your gut* and you can get the appropriate finance without unnecessary compromise then you are very much right… Best of luck.

*i.e. Not interest rates! :laughing:

:laughing: Thanks. I’ve never lived on my own before, so I will need some further independence training too. AND I need to learn how to cook!!! :laughing:

EDIT: I have a s**load of questions floating around in my head at the moment. I meant to ask the selling agent about the possibility(or otherwise)of getting a street level parking space arranged, in the unlikely event of the lift to the underground carpark being out of order!? Another question for Monday morning! I’ll have them driven mad in no time at all!!! :laughing:

Since I was last on here, I spoke to the selling agents and they tell me that there should be no problem in providing me with a street level car parking space as well as an underground space, in the case of such an event as a power cut, and the lift breaks down…? I’ll be going down to the bank on Tuesday or Wednesday to sort out the life assurance bit.