Affordable radio ads

Heard ad on the radio this evening for a particular development (in Lucan), but specifically advertising it as ‘affordable housing’ - must be a first?

Common format of a couple talking to each other:
“Look at these affordable houses in Lucan!”
“Affordable? We don’t qualify for that…”
“Yes we do! You can earn up to 58,000!”
“Let’s get down to Lucan…”

All of that is very approximate wording by the way. But I think you’ll agree, I should be in advertising.

No doubt it’ll be playing at prime time tomorrow morning.

Brilliant use of taxpayer funds

What’ll we do with all the people working in the Affordable Housing scheme once we finally realise there’s no need for the scheme/scam in the first place. Transfer them to the water works department?

I hear the HSE always has openings, they can easily increase the administrative overheads to absorb the entire AHS staff 8)