Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


Frontline Report With The UK Troops.

Taliban capture third Afghan district

French troops in Afghanistan – Helping A.N.A during firefight

C-130 Resupply Drop goes a bit wrong.


Afghanistan Taliban stronghold - 8 Nov 2007

Interview with 2 Captured Foreign Militant Jihadists…Afghanistan


Taliban support in Pakistan’s Swat Valley - 11 Nov 07
Up to 70 per cent of Pakistan’s Swat Valley is now in the hands of Pro-Taliban fighters.

Some say this increase is because of heavy handed police tactics.


Dont forget people - there are Irish soldiers in Afghanistan too!
How many didnt know that!


Raw video of, Afghan army bus bomber foiled




Northern Ireland soldiers in Afghanistan -


I heard some awful shite on Pat Kenny this morning - is it online?

Did anyone catch it? It was about Obama and his idea to increase the troop levels in Afghanistan.
My God did it boggle my mind… … riday.smil

1hr 41 mins 00secs


1hr 42mins 25 secs

Can anyone make sense of that?

They said Obama has credibility so if he sends loads of troops to Afghanistan and fails then he can pull out with credibility?
WTF. Who are these people on Pat Kenny thats what I want to know?




British soldiers who happen to be Irish. Big difference, though I bet the gang that run this place would be happy to have the Irish army front and centre as they were in Somalia when they gave the Yanks a dig out.


Right. :unamused:

The world’s largest, best reourced and importantly most combat-proven fighting force in the world.


Irish rangers were in Somalia and fought for America.


Acting with the UN is probably more accurate and running logistics is probably more accurate.


You’re right about UN cover but the Irish were involved in actual fighting as a result of Albrights wish to kill Aideed. He was flown on a US plane a couple of weeks later for UN peace talks when the error of their way was realised.



NATO and the United States are loosing in Afghanistan, they cannot even maintain key supply routes open.
How long before the Afghans are able to source surface to air missiles, then the A10 will be silenced.


It’s the Taliban rather than the “Afghans”. One has to feel sorry for the Afghans having to put up with all that crap happening about them. The problem for Europe and the US is that a defeat would mean the Taliban will expand into the NW Frontier Province of Pakistan (already happened and happening) as well as allowing an expansion into Central Asia (especially Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Khyrgistan) - which is the ambition of Al-Qaeda.

The US invasion of Iraq with the consequent reduction of focus on Afghanistan could turn out to be the most costly mistake of the 21st century.


The refocus wouldnt be the mistake, the invasion would be?
They either invade to win or they dont invade at all?

Im not sure the Taliban have the resources that they had while fighting the Soviets though. Not unless Iran or whoever else start to back them up more. Afghanistan could get very messy.