Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


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You don’t buy an Afghan you only rent him.


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Drones Causing Mass Psychological Trauma Among Civilians

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A US-China entente in Afghanistan - M K Bhadrakumar ->


Dirty Wars just won a cinematography prize at Sundance, its a film about the drone war made by Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley. Excellent doc.


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We can afford it!

$7bn in gear being destroyed and scrapped in Afghanistan. … ort-48201/


Ah, but the Keynesian economic stimulus, just think of the supply contracts the military industrial complex will get for an army that demands re-equipping and all the board positions for the generals who made those decisions.


Yeah, incredible that the NSA contractor Snowden worked for has 25k employees and its one of dozens. You have to think the NSA is employing more people than google which gives us some idea of the scale of it’s ‘work’.