Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


Not everyone agrees with you on that @jmc :whistle::whistle:



Lets just say that wasnt the story around SF City Hall at the time… Willie has standards. She did not last long.


Kabul Airport chaos


The woke of the west need to stop inviting this type of culture into our home, Ireland and Europe. The west needs to be a little more old school and alot more politically incorrect when it comes to allowing people from these kinds of places in.

It’s worth pointing out all the males of fighting age at the airport in Kabul. Trying to escape while foreign western soldiers defend


It could get messy very easily. I agree that this is an end of empire/end of an era event. Weakens NATO, weakens the ANZAC US etc etc.

Be very careful what you wish for also add that with so much of the world a real shithole it is even more important for the western nations to preserve themselves and not replace themselves with the 3rd world. When people hear that said they complain that’s not happening. Yes it is. Even if in some places it’s going to take more than a few decades. In 100 years time what would Europe look like if we keep up the post 2015 Mediterranean shenanigans?

The ability to think and act for the long view is the democracies weakness


Nothing is at it seems. People are sharper than ever, already loads of noticing going on.

Aug 12

The #Taliban not only seized appr. a hundred US humvees and (MaxxPro) MRAPs at Kunduz airport, but also several US ScanEagle drones. Billions of US tax payer $ going to Islamist extremists, thanks to the administration’s hasty withdrawal without a peace deal or follow up mission.



Todd The Fox

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Okay, the pictures of Biden at Camp David are from March, and I can prove it. So, let’s start with the London and Moscow difference:

London started DST on March 28 (source:…), when that happened, the gap between them and Moscow went from 3 hrs to 2 hrs.

The next piece of the puzzle is the difference between Moscow and Tehran, in the pictures, it’s only a 1/2 hour difference, but it’s currently a 1.5 hour difference. Well, lo and behold, Tehran started DST on March 22 (source:…)

So, the only period during which the clocks would be right is Jan. 20 (when Biden took office) and March 22 (when the first time change happened) now, did Biden visit Camp David during that time? Yes, a few times, but one trip in particular sticks out:…

Biden went on a trip to Camp David where he returned to the White House on March 21. Now, we’re the pictures taken during that trip? Well, he also visited it in February, but if I had to guess, that trip on the weekend of the 21st is probably the date.

President Biden Tells Reporters He Will Visit the Southern Border “At Some Point” President Biden spoke briefly reporters as he returned to the White House from Camp David. He said that he would take a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border “at some point,” and that people who want to come…

This explains another key anomaly in the photos, the background of Kamala’s feed. The screen says she is at “Naval Observatory” aka, the home of the Vice President, and the bookshelf behind her? Empty. Why would it be empty now in August, 7 months after she moved in? ImageImage

Wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be empty if the first few months of her living there? Like, say, in February or March? It would also better explain the masks everyone’s wearing, because in Feb/March, the vaccines had just begun to roll out.

The recent pictures from the White House of Biden “at Camp David” are NOT current, at all. They are from February or March. That’s why the Tehran, London and Moscow times are wrong, why Kamala’s bookshelf is empty and why everyone’s masked.

It’s also why the WH felt fine releasing images that showed the location of many top officials, because they’re 5-6 months out of date, so they could be literally anywhere else right now. So, White House, #WheresBiden?

Unroll Src:


Who needs helicopters on embassy roofs when we have this…

Back story is Biden ordered the abandoning with no notice the huge US airbase at Bargram a few weeks ago

And then sent troops and a gunship (a CREEP) on Sunday morning to commandeer the civilian airport at Kabul causing the collapse of ATC and all ground services. There were about a dozen schedule flights all stopped by the US military. Plus all the emergecy flights. There are 24 planes on the ground at the moment.

It seems Air India and the Turks are getting planes in fully fueled to bring its people out but if grounds service are gone those other planes wont be going anywhere soon.

The one person who seems to be acting with some dignity is the UK Ambassador. Who arrived about 8 weeks ago. Story is he stayed behind at the Airport to deal with the Interpreter visas personally. To make sure they have at least some hope of getting out.

The bigger story is I have never ever seen all the top military, intelligence and state dept people leak such utterly damning stories against a sitting president in the middle of an international crisis. Even 1975 was nothing like this even though the president of the time had almost nothing to do with any part of the Vietnam war.

We are in uncharted waters now. The US has not been this weak as a nation since the summer of 1865. A deeply divided nation with a president at least half the population considers illegitimate and a government that openly says anyone who disagrees with it is a terrorist.


Another anomaly is that someone is questioning whether Bidens microphones are even on.

Also, whethe the identities of the individuals in the conference are classified, or if assets have been outed. Or would the ones senior enough to be in this conference all be known/identified already?


We’ve got the helicopters from the embassy. Not Hueys this time…


Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec

Message from in-region US personnel: For the last 2-3 months everything pointed to this coming Biden lied about the intel


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This is an impeachable offense


Gravel Institute @GravelInstitute
Aug 15

The United States should accept at least 100,000 Afghan refugees.

Gravel Institute Twit bio line:

“We make short videos to combat right-wing disinformation.”


Jeff Carlson @themarketswork

Chinese State Media openly mocking Biden Admin. What say you @SecBlinken

Hu Xijin 胡锡进

China state-affiliated media](

Mr. Blinken, where is your pet phrase? You don’t plan to announce to stand with the Afghan people?


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Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar met with China’s foreign minister Wang Yi in late July


NATO’s aim was for women to make up 10% of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) by 2020.

The next 100 years belongs to china


Will we see this video shown on US network news I wonder…

Thats looks like the last C-17 that left yesterday. The CREEP gunship took off soon afterwards. About 4 mins out the C-17 had to do a very tight loop which looked they had been painted by A.A or had picked up a missile launch.

Other fun fact. When Biden ordered the troops out he also order shutdown of all contractors, intel , logistics, air support etc. He was told this would collapses the Afghan military immediately. He did not care.

So all the senior Afghan military commanders saw no point fighting so they took the “face” money and handed everything over to the Taliban. A lot of the lower level troops wanted to fight but were sold out by the commanders. So they went home.


Large numbers of people in Moscow, Beijing, and a few other capitals needed medical intervention to save their lives, they were laughing so hard

in other places like Taiwan, long term strategies will need to be looked at, perhaps its time to make a deal

It will take longer for right thinking people in the West to figure it all out



Trumps Taliban?

What kind of people govern the republic? Afghanistan provides the answer

Posted on August 15, 2021 by Mike

What Americans are watching in Afghanistan is the use of U.S. military personnel to cover their governing elite’s panicked but useless attempt to prevent the citizenry from at last understanding that neither Bush nor Obama nor Biden ever intended to win the Afghan war, or any of the interventionist wars they started,

They intended instead to create a forever war that allowed politicians and big business to systematically skim billions off the taxpayer funds that were used to keep our troops there and to supposedly build a new, democratic Afghanistan. They did not give a damn about how many of our soldier-children were killed, crippled, or mentally disturbed. The bastards’ — including many generals and admirals — only goal was to keep the trough filled and flowing into their bank accounts.

There was never an easier military or diplomatic problem for the United States than post-9/11 Afghanistan. The answer to the problem was clear. With, as always, Marines in the lead, send a quarter-million man ground force with more than abundant aerial support to conduct a c. 15-month campaign of retribution. The job could have been done by early 2003.

The targets should have been all the armed Islamist groups that had long been identified and located by U.S. intelligence, but, of course, had been long ignored by national governments under both parties. The military’s job should have been the annihilation of those groups, their arms caches and other war-making assets, their civilian supporters, and whatever infrastructure — damns, roads, airfields, electrical generation, etc. — existed in the country. In short, as was said about the Roman way of war, create a wasteland and call it peace. Then what? Pack up and go home, with the knowledge that the job might have to be repeated 20 years hence.

This is the only military approach that ever worked in Afghanistan since the time of Alexander the Great. It was used by Lord Roberts and the British army in 1878-1880 and the massive bloody-nose Roberts’ inflicted on the Afghans kept them quiet until 1919, nearly 30 years. Being ahistorical and greed-obsessed morons, U.S. politicians and generals probably never heard of Lord Roberts, and instead sought to build an Afghan democracy they knew would never exist, and they did this, not to win the war, but to keep swag flowing into their hands.

Trump somehow knew that the Afghan war would end in an obvious U.S. defeat if he did not quickly remove U.S. forces from the country. He made an agreement with the Taleban — an armed force that, with its allies, had won the war by 2005-o6 — which would allow the U.S. military to withdraw professionally without being chased out of the country, just as the Afghan mujahedin had let the Red Army withdraw with little trouble in 1989.



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Here is his statement that he just deleted from his website. From @wsteaks


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Ron Filipkowski @RonFilipkowski

Ronna McDaniel, @GOPChairwoman, why did you just delete this from the Republican Party’s website, praising Donald Trump on his deal with the Taliban?


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