Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


Jan 6th Capitol Hill… oh whoops sorry, Kabul Parliament.

Video @ Src:


Turns out Biden has form. About not giving a fuck about the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians who help the US in a warzone…

Back in 1975 during the Fall of Saigon…


What is the Primary-in my view the
only-objective of the U.S. Gover~ent
at this moment?
It is, or should be, the evacuation of
all Americans and their dependents now
in South Vietnam, mostly in Saigon.
The exact number is not known but
it totals several thousand. ’
But the bill complicates the matter of
evacuation; first, because it would also
authorize evacuation of “endangered
foreign nationals” unspecified as to numbers
and identity.
I do not believe the United States
has an obligation, moral or otherwise,
to evacuate foreign nationals–other
than perhaps an estimated 1,800 diplomatic
personnel assigned to foreign embassies
in Saigon.
The United States has no obligation
to evacuate 1, or 100,001, South Vietnamese.
As I read the language of the bill, the
evacuation of Americans in South Vietnam
conceivably could be endangered
because of the provisions also permitting
the evacuation of untold numbers of foreign
The President’s representatives inform us that as many as 175,000 South Vietnamese
are consialered eligible for evacuation.
Second, a majority of the committee
made every good-faith effort to restrict
the employment of Armed Forces of the
United States, should they be sent to
South Vietnam to evacuate both Ameri
can citizens and their dependents and
foreign nationals.

That was Biden in the Senate back in 1975 when he said that he wanted to leave the several hundred thousand South Vietnamese who had helped the US to the Viet Cong to be killed.

This is the story of one of the kids Biden did not give a fuck about in 1975…





Saw videos of her - she says they are shouting Alluha akhbar but seem friendly, and says it’s bizarre…

Also pic… edited to say there is a possibility photoshop was involved by whomever was OP


Some other SoMe pics





From the Twitter you posted, just check the number on the plane… they just couldn’t make it up.


This whole mess had its roots in the surrender agreement that Trump signed with the Taliban back in 2020 in Doha.

Once a concrete date was given by Trump for the US withdrawal, the Taliban only had to bide their time. They would have been well aware that the US wouldn’t have had the stomach to re-engage them after they had already committed to leave.

I don’t necessarily blame Trump. The US had to leave Afghanistan at some point, it’s what public opinion wants and if Afghanistan can’t stand up for itself after 20 years, it’s never going to do so. The fact that the current puppet government and their armed forces have disintegrated in such a catastrophically short period of time only highlights just how illegitimately the current government were viewed. Even the Tajiks who held control of northern Afghanistan as part of the Northern Alliance who fought the Taliban in the years prior to the US occupation didn’t fight. My guess is that once the final US presence exists Afghanistan, we’ll probably see some inter-ethnic violence as the factions turn on each other to try and assert control. The US will probably go back to fighting the war by proxy, backing the side who isn’t going to sponsor terrorism against them. I suspect that the Taliban will have learned their lesson with bin Laden (for the moment at least) and won’t harbour an organisation as overtly aggressive as Al-Qaeda again. I don’t think they will be too eager to get into a firefight with the US either, and reckon they will allow the US a semi-orderly retreat. It makes no sense for the Taliban to attack the evacuating American presence, why get into a costly firefight against a defeated enemy that won’t be returning?


I think it’s all in the poor execution of the withdrawal. It’s all on Biden. Trump may have done no better but Biden is in charge. Operation linebacker II and then Operation frequent wind were what happened in Vietnam. Not a single thing this time around. I think it’s a world changer. What fools the west was for hanging there so long. And I mean the west, even Ireland had soldiers there.

If the Taliban wanted to really humiliate the allies they would bring up their artillery and other goodies they inherited and ask for a surrender in return for safe passage out. They hold all the cards here. They can mob the soldiers at the airport by getting in with the crowds.

The longer this goes on the more chance of a random individual or group of Taliban just deciding he wants to shoot some soldiers.


Kabul Could Fall To The Taliban Within 90 Days, U.S. Intelligence Warns

Thank you, geniuses. That was Thursday. So it turned out to be well within ninety hours - which is close enough for US intelligence work.

Was this the same “seventeen intelligence agencies” who all agreed Russia had meddled in the 2016 election - and with whose collective intelligence only a fool would disagree?

Or perhaps it was only one intelligence agency - most likely the crack agents of the highly specialized Federal Unitary Central Kabul Western Intelligence Tracking Service.

To modify Hillary Clinton, what difference at this point would it make if the US government simply laid off its entire “intelligence community”?


I don’t think anything that is going on is anything like the past dynamics at all, why believe the MSM optics now? Did they not get caught out by the suddenness of it all, scrambling to shape the narrative. Methinks so.

A quick historical - The Talibanana was pumped up by the spooks way back when, with the likes of Brzezinski for the long game geo-political management agenda told them they had spooks blessings and money and gods blessing too:

The world has been kept in managed chaos by the long arm of the spooks yea, ok, so roll up to Trump.

If I am not mistaken Trump rolled the Spooks Intelligence Agency into and under Military control, ie.e. civilian control, for the first time ever I think.

Therefore the Talibanana are no longer controlled by the spooks. Turmp was negotiating with a non-spook controlled Talibanana all along.

Maybe this is why they haven’t fired a shot and look so relaxed, maybe they’re trolling the Menace, with scenes that look like Jan 6th Capitol hill - but this is a real insurrection against the Menace/Dems/Squid/Cabal in one of their former colonies and maybe all those weapons etc. etc. are for the The Talibanans to protect itself from any future incursion by the Menace, who subverted it’s society has Afghanistan actually been liberated form the clutches of the Menace?

Assuming this video is current. I dunno but these lads look well, happy, happy like they’ve just been liberated. No? :man_shrugging:

These are not the optics of marauding fundamentalist beheading murderers and oppressors of woman the MSM are pumping via all the usual channels and the refugees since yesterday… which begs the question, are these refugees really the Menaces people on the ground (not the US, differentiate between USA vs Spooks) who were part of it’s global control structure of death and woe, are the MSM using your confirmation bias against you to believe their story, and slip them out of Afghanistan and into your neighbourhood.

Time will tell I suppose, if Afghanistan has been liberated after 40 or more years of Menace control.


The story out of the people actually reading the intel is that they told the guys in DC that what happened would happen. In very great detail. And had been telling DC all year. The guys in DC told the WH. The WH did not give a fuck.

The WH is now try to leak against the intel guys. Not a good idea.

And after the Doha Agreement was signed the draw down followed the usual plan last year. They had planned to have everything out by the summer of 2021 except what they needed to secure the Afghan government. Then Bidens people arrive and decided the “adults” were now in charge and everything stopped in February. The Biden appointed DC General were more interested in rooting out “systemic racism” and "white nationalists " that actually doing defense related work. And Bidens people refused to accept any plan that was “Trumps”.

So pretty much nothing happened since February by direct order of the WH until the “adults” made a decisions of what their great plans were. They never did. The Taliban picked up on this weakness immediately, planned accordingly, and the government and military in Kabul because they were “Trumps” people" imploded when as they realized there was now zero support from the WH.

All this was been reported by the in-field intelligence sent to DC. And by everyone else on the ground. Who was paying the slightest attention to what the locals were saying over the last six months.

So when Biden made his announcement 6 weeks ago of out by 9/11 almost no further draw down and post leaving work had been done since the start of the year. None. And in the last 6 weeks due to the utter paralysis of both the WH and the top Biden military guys in the Pentagon no real planning for the end game been done. None.

A large part of this is that once the Biden generals started their witch hunt against “political enemies” pretty much all the competent senior officers bailed very quickly. Either transferred out, retired, went on sabbatical. By the sound of it it sounds much worse than even the mid 1970’s. Post Vietnam. This is sounding more like the 1930’s when the military was run down to the 20’th largest in the world by the anti-war Isolationists. Which despite the revisionist history were mostly left wing Democrats. At least the ones who passed the Neutrality Acts and anti defense expenditure laws were.

This story is far from over. Looks more like Act I. Based on what has been happening in HK I would say the Taiwan is up next. Which will be very dangerous not because the mainland Chinese will win, but because they will lose. All serious wargaming of that war shows the CCP losing. Both the war and domestically. The Taiwanese have a porcupine defense strategy even nastier than the Swiss had. Think Winter War but with the Finns winning because they had 70 years to prepare.


Ah the headlines have it:

I’m sure we’ll get some video evidence of the brutality soon if it’s not already posted. It’ is bound to surface once the lads are done in the fair ground. I hope they at least stay away from the maternity wards and particularly the incubators, and the pre-born-born innocent children are not terminated by being thrown to the ground.

Kabul’s first female mayor admitted she was simply waiting for the Taliban to find and kill her and her husband.

Zarifa Ghafari, 27, told the i newspaper on Monday: ‘I’m sitting here waiting for them to come,is no one to help me or my family. I’m just sitting with them and my husband. And they will come for people like me and kill me. I can’t leave my family. And anyway, where would I go?’

I hope she is disappointed and one day gets to bring her grand children to the funfair.


Or, that’s how you use disinformation to hide the real tactical plan and execution dates from the eyes of the enemy and exact maximum advantage when you move.

Define enemy.

MSM caught on the hop for one. Who else?


Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper

NEW ! Taliban spokesperson claims reports of executions, forced marriages ‘totally baseless’ - MSNBC

Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper

NEW! First one-on-one interview of Taliban by a female anchor of TOLOnews after they took over Afghanistan


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Twitter went into a strange kind of partial lockdown yesterday. For the first time ever. With browsers that are not easy to track or that dont actively block tracking. Looks like they are starting to try to accurately track thread readers. Dorsey is a total dick so my first guess is the DHS are somewhere in the loop.


Day 0 Dorsey - I think some big tech just got converted to public utilities, could be wrong but… locking down enemy comms?


Will that still hold true if they can’t count on US assistance? Because it looks like Biden’s US would give diddly squat…


The Taiwanese defense plan assumes there is no guarantee of US help. That they would be on their own initially if invaded. I get the feeling that the only assumption is that they wont be nuked by the CCP when the invasion starts to fail. Due to the US. And Japans 90 day programme. There are stories that ROK and Taiwanese have an informal version of their own 90 day programme . A bit like the way the Saudis outsourced their nukes to Pakistan or Iraq did to Libya.

As the Ukrainians discovered the hard way. The best defense against invasion from a belligerent neighbor is to have nukes.

If an invasion happens it will be an act of desperation by the CCP leadership. The PLA have done the wargames too. They know they cannot win any conventional war by invasion. So it would be a rerun of the Invasion of the Falkland in 1982 by a military junta in Argentina. A last gamble by a desperate dictatorship.

Despite all the modernization the PLA would do no better than the war in 1979 against Vietnam. When they were utterly humiliated and defeated by a much smaller force. Although you would not know it by the very pro Chinese slant of the wiki article. It was seen at the time as an utter humiliation for China and it rehabilitated the Vietnamese regime internationally as they had ended the genocide that killed millions in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge. The attack by China was punishment for bringing down the Khmer Rouge.

Noam Chomskys favorite genocidal regime.


So yea

Maybe all that you’ve ever known about the “Taliban” has been propaganda 101. I don’t know, but maybe. Imagine. Everything you thought you knew. Was not like it seemed, not one little bit.

Older generations remember the Taliban’s ultraconservative Islamic views, which included severe restrictions on women as well as stonings, amputations and public executions before they were ousted by the U.S-led invasion that followed the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

While there were no major reports of abuses or fighting in the capital of Kabul as the Taliban now patrol its streets, many residents have stayed home and remain fearful after the insurgents’ takeover saw prisons emptied and armories looted. Many women have expressed dread that the two-decade Western experiment to expand their rights and remake Afghanistan would not survive the resurgent Taliban.

Maybe that ultraconservative force was actually yes, you guessed it… The Menace, that one that has everyone outside your window still wearing masks, getting shot up, you know the world were they tell you not to talk to your neighbour. Hug your healthy uninfected family until you are injected with their important magic. That world. That ultra emergency world spreading out across the world in pure techincblack?

Are the people in Afghanistan today actually more free than the peoples of in Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, UK and where else?