Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


In summary: Taliban = White hats move.

if you want verification, Hollywood is always a fascinating straw poll! :ninja:


Taken By Surprise

It wasn’t in the script Michel was it.

Taoiseach Michel Martin has said he is “deeply concerned by the unfolding situation in Afghanistan”.

On Sunday, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani fled the country as Taliban forces entered the capital, Kabul virtually unopposed causing citizens to flood to the city’s airport attempting to escape the country.

According to the Minister for Foreign Affairs on Monday morning, 15 Irish nationals are looking to leave Afghanistan. All commercial flights into and out of Kabul airport have been halted, so efforts are now being made to coordinate with other EU countries, the US and the UK to try and evacuate the Irish nationals, Simon Coveney said.

In a statement on Monday afternoon, Mr Martin said the “pace of developments” in Afghanistan has “taken many by surprise”.

Squeaky bum time.


You bet. I know that I, as a man of the Book, would get along fine with those lads, whereas my erstwhile liberal feminist colleagues (male and female) would not.


Now mini-movie of the Taliban playing in the gym.

I am starting to wonder if this is a habbening for which popcorn would be normally be recommended…

It’s odd. Even the MSM are saying the mood is odd.


Ready steady go? Odd again.


The coverage in the Pakistani papers has been interesting. Seems the Pakistanis were completely blindsided. The power balance looks like it may have shifted to the Gulf states.

The old Taliban was a creation of the ISI. I’m not getting much of an indication in the Indian press that the ISI are in control of the current situation. Which is good news. It seems the ISI got its wings clipped after the madrassas got out of control in the Tribal Areas / North West Frontier and there was very serious social unrest. Some of the worst fighting in decades for the Army to regain control.

This article gives a good overview. These guys have been pretty reliable in the past.

Some very good analysis of why the Afghan government imploded.



These Taliban lads have grown grew up in the age of the meme. What next a nod to “Q”? :wink:

Unbelievable: Taliban Troll Biden On TWITTER By Posing With Ice Cream

Americans trapped in Afghanistan told ‘you’re on your own’




Number of Irish citizens seeking to leave Afghanistan increases to 33



Irish examiner also tweeting out the number of evacuees - came here to post… :eyes:


Looks like at least one of the TLA’s has declared war on Bidens WH…

Schindler runs a very sophisticated XX operation but he give a very good feel from what his former colleagues at the NSA are thinking and want to put out in public.




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You might also be spot on with you DHS suspicions, because reports indicate it occurred around the same time as this announcement.


I’m seeing very uneven behavior across browsers. Could just be a js library screw up.

If it is the DHS the one upside is that they are catastrophically incompetent and utterly demoralized. So if they try to collect info it will be a fiasco. I did laugh at the “taking away voting rights” line in the story. As the Dem party has been hell bent on giving felons the vote. As so many of their supporters have criminal records.


Not really going to help the divide in us politics seeing Trump banned from social media and the Taliban on it doing press conferences


Experts, I love how experts are always right. Always question experts, even if the science appears settled, no matter the topic. Experts apparently know all about the Taliban now but didn’t a couple of weeks ago as they raced through Afghanistan mostly unopposed.

Experts didn’t see the gfc coming, apparently, first question for any expert should be about any conflict of interest alongside following the money.


More on experts

Now they need to clear the top shelf at a minimum, then follow the money and get stuck into the military industrial complex. Massive failures all around.

Now they could also be covering for Biden. We’ll see if there are any repercussions for the intelligence failure. …