Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


**A-10 Weapons Quick Turn **


A-10 Thunderbolt Gun Run On Taliban Fighters In Sangin Valley

Taliban capture 3 humvees and trucks

Helicopters Thunder Across Afghanistan Territory

Air power is the weapon to beat in Afghanistan and aircraft need fuel, the Taliban strategy is to cut the supply lines, in order to limit the effectiveness of the foreign soldiers in Afghanistan.
Also from the map you can see that Afghanistan and Pakistan are only defined by lines drawn on a map, the area highlighted shows the Pashtun tribal areas. The rulers in Kabul or Islamabad exercise little control in these areas and neither has any invader over the past centuries.


The invasion of Iraq, which reduced the focus on Afghanistan was the mistake. … n.taliban/
The Taliban insurgency is widening its presence in Afghanistan and “closing a noose around Kabul,” an international think tank report says.
The report – issued Monday by the International Council on Security and Development (ICOS) – said the Taliban movement "now holds a permanent presence in 72 percent of Afghanistan, up from 54 percent a year ago.



Taliban Has Bombed The Main Supply Route For Nato And US forces In Afghanistan

Aljazeera English reports on the blocking of the supply routes in Pakistan used by NATO to send materiel to Afghanistan, by Taliban in Pakistan.

US & NATO can no longer secure their supply routes, the war in Afghanistan is lost.


It has been lost for quite some time.


supply lines being cut is rather urgent.


So they are upping from about 33,000 to 50,000 US troops.

I don’t think this can affect their Pakistan supply lines though as I don’t think the soldiers will be going into Pakistan. It might affect the supply line in that, it will be pushed harder as it has to supply even more soldiers.


For more context to all of this, what is happening in bordering regions of Pakistan is interesting.

Firstly, Pakistan has implemented Sharia in SWAT, in an agreement with the Taliban: … 7.html?h=B

Secondly, there are rumblings from Baluchistan:
(The Balochs are basically an oppressed minority partially located in Iran and partially in Pakistan - more oppressed in Iran given the fact that they are Sunni though) … 180912.htm

#29 … ?ref=world


Afghanistan - Soviet Invasion of 1979! “Afghan: The Soviet Experience” (Oct.1989)

“During the 1980s Russia fought a disastrous war in Afghanistan. Here we offer the definitive documentary on the war, and ask if there are any lessons to be learnt from the Soviet experience.” journeymanpictures


Hah… Who are journeyman pictures?!? For good or for ill, who supplied the weapons to the Afghan fighters that made this war so disastrous?!? :laughing:


One of my neighbours served as an air force pilot in Afghanistan during the 80’s flying an SU-25, they used to fly high to avoid the stinger missiles at that stage. One day an F-15 piloted by a British pilot appeared on his radar (remember this was the cold war, lots of covert stuff happening), so he had to loose altitude quick. He got taken out with a stinger missile from the ground and had to parachute out, 30 miles in front of Soviet lines. Since it was daylight he had to loose the parachute fast and dig himself into the ground, lest the Afghans catch him (painful and certain death), and overnight make his way back to his own lines, it took him 3 days to get back to his lines all the while the Afghans were searching for him.

Only a matter of time before the Afghans get hold of something to take out the American and NATO A10s and helicopters.
Likely to be supplied by Iran or China but with covert Russian backing.


Yes but what’s your point?


The point is the Americans and NATO should cut their losses, they can no longer achieve the goal of securing access to the Caspian oil and surrounding territories, those countries are now coming back under the influence of Russia. They have also destabilised Pakistan even further perhaps for good and are trying to draw India into the battle.
Russia, China and Iran are triangulating and have an alliance, other countries will join this, remember China wants the oil, and is a reliable trade partner in that region.
Worldwide most countries tolerate the US military aggression because they very run a trade surplus with the USA, but this economic bust is changing the game and when China deems fit, they will supply the Afghans with the weapons to remove the American air superiority advantage and then it will be total defeat.


Ah, for once, we agree! :wink:


February 21, 2009
The Afghan trap
Ray McGovern: US attempt to trap the USSR in 1979 is at root of current situation in Afghanistan … %3A15%3A47


…20 years ago Russian soldiers stopped fighting of what soon become “the Taliban”.


i know quite a few guys from this part of the world. they all speak of the talib in awestruck tones.
their take: talib were once the poor & unwanted who ended up being dumped in religious schools.
for years they wandered & begged. then russians invade. they end up being targetted. both by ussr & usa.
so as teenagers they’re trained & armed then left on a mountainside. the losses are horrific… maybe one out of thirty survives in massive hardship. seriously hardcore motherfuckers only left.
wouldn’t fancy having to fight in their backyard. ask the british in the 1800s.