Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


What a terrible article from Blair and what an awful insight into his and their world view.

He says,

“We need then to work out a means of dealing with the Taliban and exerting maximum pressure on them. This is not as empty as it seems. We have given up much of our leverage, but we retain some. The Taliban will face very difficult decisions and likely divide deeply over them. The country, its finances and public-sector workforce are significantly dependent on aid notably from the US, Japan, the UK and others. The average age of the population is 18. A majority of Afghans have known freedom and not known the Taliban regime. They will not all conform quietly.”

The Taliban have just blitzkrieged the entire country in the space of a week, including routing a 300,000 strong army financed and trained by ‘the west’. Maybe, just maybe, this was possible because a lot of Afghans either support the Taliban or have no real interest in adopting or defending ‘western values’ with their lives. And anyway, to even attempt to do so would clearly be to engage in toxic masculinity or perhaps promotion of white supremacy?

And what are ‘western values’ anyway? A Democracy where all political parties promote identical policies? A form of Liberalism to include basic Freedoms such as that of expression that are not permitted if the views expressed do not tally with mainstream opinion? An absence of any form of spirituality or way of living beyond the material and the elevation of a self hating nihilism whose preferred solution appears to be a form of cultural suicide. All promoted by the likes of Blair and his cronies who clearly revelled in the deconstruction of the same culture that he now seeks to elevate as some manner of rallying call.

Maybe Tony should consider the possibility that the west, as he and others like him have sought to craft it, is little more than consumerism, obesity, face masks and blind obedience to petty bureaucrats as the ‘western values’ that Blair believes will inspire the west to lead on into the 21st century.

The Emperor never had any clothes and base materialism, the type of which Blair and others have promoted for decades can only bring you so far. It’s a self defeating prophecy that hollows out it’s adherents in mental, physical and spiritual terms. The poverty of western society has been laid bare since the onset of the pandemic. The world view of the likes of Blair needs to die. It’s not clear that it’s much superior to that of the Taliban and it certainly inspires less devotion in its adherents.


Heard an interesting comparison with the very last day in Saigon. They evacuated 7K civilians for the embassy and more than 50K from the airbases in 9 hours. That’s 9 hours.

In the first 7 days it was less than 30K from Kabul.

The only reason Biden wants everything shut down on the 31’st is because he still believes he can do his big set piece photo op speech on the 9/11 anniversary. His staff are so deluded that they even thought they could get a Nobel Peace Prize nomination in afterwords.


I’m reminded of Muhammed Ali’s quote

ain’t no Viet Cong ever called me Ni**er

The Taliban are quite open that they believe that everyone should (and eventually will) convert to Islam. But I really have no quarrel with them because if they attempt that it will be attempted openly through war and invasion, which can be opposed.

The Taliban are not my enemy. Neoliberalism is. The Taliban never threatened to dox me as a Nazi and get me fired for saying that the plantation of outsiders in Ireland is wrong and evil. The Taliban never imposed the teaching of globohomo transgenderism on my nation’s children. Neoliberalism did.


Looking at the posts and some of the recent media I’m leaning more and more to this being not what it seems at all.

I’m gong back to just his one line I wrote 7 days ago - now that others have posted similar sentiments, and there are reports more people being transported back to the UK in the last weeks have popped up on no-fly lists than they usually deal with in a year, and all the “coalition” forces are sore as fuck as the recriminations have begun in the MSM over the last few days.

I’m surprised no one focused on all the coalition peeps getting caught out not just the media, this was a huge incongruent element.

The equipment story. Looking at the hard ware, seems like a cover, a cover for what?

The Taliban can’t operator or maintain all the US hardware, it’s not just some guns and ammo.

Looking at the lists being leaked, the hardware and the quantities, looks more like it is a intelligence comms by cover - I think the US still have a present / force on the ground that the MSM can not report the fact other than carry the intel comms as “taliban” have all this gear but those who know read it as we’ve been fucked. They may be embedded to support the Taliban from reprisal by the currently in disarray Menace forces.

Most of that hardware is probably remotely brickable, so useless to the enemy. You don’t even need to destroy it anymore, again looking at the list, only a US force could handle all that gear and make it work in an integrated way on the battlefield.

The Menace got routed by US force removing their support. The Taliban got the photo-op but this is not their op, but they are integral part.

Incompetence is the cover, a useful cover but the whole thing has the fingerprints of 4+ years of how the Trump admin operated, but we’re now in the geo-political overt phase of the War. It’s a very delicate time.

Think back to one easy to remember example. that time Trump Admin grounded Pelosi flight, using USAL, to somewhere in the Middle east at the last second, I think they had the lunge on and were eclsoign to boarding the catch to get the flight.

The real question here is - Who really controls the US military right now a sitting president (strawman joe?) or the US military under devolved powers?


Who is in charge of the US Military ? Low brain power Globohomo, Trotskyite-adjacent senior officers like Mark Milley, and confirmed bachelor Jim Mattis.

After analyzing test scores of 46,000 officers who took the Marine Corps’ required General Classification Test (GCT), Klein and Cancian find that the quality of officers in the Marines, as measured by those test scores, has steadily and significantly declined over the last 34 years

Everyone above Lieutenant Colonel grade in the US Military can be considered a (globohomo) political appointment.

Much of the CIA is socially leftist. They’re Varadkars and Coveneys.

He decided that a CIA career would be a good match for his “wanderlust” and his desire for public service.[6] He applied to the CIA in 1980. During his application he admitted during a lie-detector test that he had voted for the Communist Party candidate four years earlier. To his surprise, he was still accepted; he later said that he finds it heartening that the CIA valued freedom of speech


Not anymore.


Ah I see chief spook is meet with Taliban head yesterday.

This is as I indicated the Taliban are no longer controlled by the spooks.

The US military pulled out support for its own spooks and they can’t get out or is it really the US military no longer do the Menaces bidding and support it’s parasitical grip on humanity?

The spooks for once are spooked. The deadline is pending. What a move. This is something to behold.


Agree the question of who is actually now in control the US military is an interesting one.

As an aside, found what I thought was an interesting video and perspective on the war in Afghanistan from an ex-soldier who fought there (apart from very end comments about accepting refugees, although interpreters and ex-staff are a different matter).

One of the things he claims is that the disappearance of 350,000 afghan military is not surprising, that 100-200,000 were probably ghosts, with someone just taking their wage packets. :woman_shrugging:


Spooks will soon need to muscle in on bridge contracts to make a dime, they’ll have nothing much left to do. :sweat_smile:


I have it on good authority that the first thing that large numbers of recruits to the ‘Afghan Army’ did upon receiving their first pay packet, was to abandon their posts and spend a week or two walking home to their villages in order to hand over the money to clan elders. This was in between decorating their weapons with flowers and walking around hand in hand together, automatic weapons in tow. The idea that these lads were ever going to defend ‘western values’ with their lives is a bad joke that anyone in the know was well aware of as early as a decade ago.

Then again, these days there’s probably little more ‘western’ in value terms than a delusional narrative to which the majority are wholly devoted.


The main argument of this essay is we’re not thinking big enough. The American loss should be seen as a complete discrediting of the academic understanding of “expertise,” with its reliance on narrowly focused peer reviewed publications and subject matter knowledge as the way to understand the world. Although I don’t develop the argument here, I think I could make the case that expertise isn’t just fake, it actually makes you worse off because it gives you a higher level of certainty in your own wishful thinking. The Taliban probably did better by focusing their intellectual energies on interpreting the Holy Quran and taking a pragmatic approach to how they fought the war rather than proceeding with a prepackaged theory of how to engage in nation building, which for the West conveniently involved importing its own institutions.

Phil Tetlock’s work on experts is one of those things that gets a lot of attention, but still manages to be underrated. In his 2005 Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can We Know? , he found that the forecasting abilities of subject-matter experts were no better than educated laymen when it came to predicting geopolitical events and economic outcomes. As Bryan Caplan points out, we shouldn’t exaggerate the results here and provide too much fodder for populists; the questions asked were chosen for their difficulty, and the experts were being compared to laymen who nonetheless had met some threshold of education and competence.
At the same time, we shouldn’t put too little emphasis on the results either. They show that “expertise” as we understand it is largely fake. Should you listen to epidemiologists or economists when it comes to COVID-19? Conventional wisdom says “trust the experts.” The lesson of Tetlock (and the Afghanistan War), is that while you certainly shouldn’t be getting all your information from your uncle’s Facebook Wall, there is no reason to start with a strong prior that people with medical degrees know more than any intelligent person who honestly looks at the available data.

Some Facts Men on the internet are certain to be cranks and worse than any experts, but you should always take good intellectual habits over credentials.

When you don’t have the time to research something for yourself, what you should do is trust those who have good intellectual habits.

Those opposed to cancel culture have taken up the mantle of “intellectual diversity” as a heuristic, but there’s nothing valuable about the concept itself. When I look at the people I’ve come to trust, they are diverse on some measures, but extremely homogenous on others. IQ and sensitivity to cost-benefit considerations seem to me to be unambiguous goods in figuring out what is true or what should be done in a policy area. You don’t add much to your understanding of the world by finding those with low IQs who can’t do cost-benefit analysis and adding them to the conversation.



Has there been a FF outside the Airport?


Multiple coordinated attacked. Car bombs plus suicide bombs.

Now the real fun starts. Dont be surprised if it turns into another Tehran 1979. That hostages situation went on for more than a year.


Love this clip, I’ve watched it many times. 100% accurate.


Hello Taliban people here are all the names of our citizens and allies here in Afghanistan will you pretty please let them through to the airport, we know you absolutely will not hurt them in any way, so here are their names…




I have never seen anything like this before. A Marine Corp Lt Colonel (OC5) goes public with how much contempt the combat officers have for the Biden senior military people. If someone like a Marine OC5 is willing to put his career on the line, a really big deal, then the situation must be very very bad.

This is the O5’s and lower telling the political’s, O6 and above, we have not got your back. The live fire comment at the beginning is the key phrase. You will hang us out to dry if we make one screw up which makes the media, you have just killed one of my best friends due to little more than gross criminal negligence.

This is serious shit.

Watching the US media and the WH media performance of the last few days reminded me most strongly of the last last few months of the Soviet Union in 1991. Especially the infamous coup 1’ts day press conference which is still the stranger live TV press conference I have ever seen.

We are starting to enter 1991 territory. And When Do We Start Shooting the Colonels territory. The O6’s and above should be very worried.


I think we’re very close to the big rumble.

Trump is in comms with the generals you never see on TV. According to the net chatter. Holding cabinet meetings.


17 years eh… earlier this week the head spook meets top banana, a few days later bombs go off.