Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


Here’s your hardman “special forces operative” Robert Stryk, the lobbyist and “Washington Fixer” lobbying for a paedophile.

Girls orchestra eh?

Robert Stryk ’s Stryk Global Diplomacy (formerly known as Sonoran Policy Group) brought in from a consulting firm called ZAMZAM on behalf of George Nader . It was by far the largest contract of the first quarter, and the contract, only one of only two Stryk disclosed, was enough to catapult Stryk’s firm into the top 20 earners of the quarter.
— Nader, a wealthy Lebanese-American businessman with ties to former President Donald Trump ’s inner circle, served as a witness for special counsel Robert Mueller ’s probe into Russian election interference, and last summer was sentenced to 10 years in prison on child pornography charges. He was also indicted in 2019 for steering illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton .
Stryk was hired to lobby the White House, ODNI and the National Security Council to try to secure one of Trump’s flurry of last-minute pardons and grants of clemency, according to a disclosure, which lists Nader and the address of the Alexandria, Va., jail.


So that to me is even weirder.

There were seven buses of females, but 7 buses of young musicians leaving Afghanistan during a chaotic exit? When reports say even citizens have been having issues getting out let alone allies like interpreters?

How would they have priority above citizens and allies at risk from a Taliban reprisals?

On the other hand, another report is about a plane load of pets getting out… but 7 buses of musicians… weird.

Edit: Ah read your second post. Seven buses of young females being flown out of a combat area … perhaps not weird sadly :cry: then the blue check goes “oh no they should have been allowed leave” :grimacing: trafficking would make sense…

Another edit. Another story with seven buses? What is it about seven buses?


So, that’s it.

Last U.S. military flight leaves Kabul; Biden to address nation Tuesday


Total success according to biden



There is nothing to say a strawman president cannot troll, you just have to figure out who is being trolled. :whistle:


I guess for the U.S it is, no more soldiers dying there and no cash drain to bribe locals saves money.

the average american couldn’t care less about half the states in their own country never mind some place thousands of miles away. If the afghans want to revert to the middles ages best of luck to them.



When you’ve lost the New Yorker…

After the NYT the New Yorker had probably the most severe full blown psychotic episode of Orange Man Bad starting in 2016. Even after the election in 2020 almost every issues still has a severe TDS mental tic. So imagine my surprise when the published this as part of the leader in the 8/30 issue.


The whole tone of this piece and the following one is complete and total shock. Even more than in 2016 their cozy complaisant world has suddenly imploded. At the most fundamental level. The last time I saw anything like this in media was the DDR news in November 1989 and the statements by DDR leaders in the days after the Wall fell. It was not they had lost control of the situation they simply could not comprehend what was happening. They were in a state of shock. Utterly bewildered.

Same for the New Yorker and the people who read it. When you read the NYT and New Yorker in the weeks leading up to the Fall of Saigon i 1975 there is an air of resignation and inevitability about what is happened. Very different from what is happening now…

So as Biden wont go voluntarily and the 25’th cannot be used Bidens current situation is just like Kennedy’s in 1962/63. Its not a matter of will he be offed. It just a matter of when and by who. Because a lot of very powerful people need him gone. One way another. And very soon.


It is delusional but they realize it’s existential at this stage. An Afghan Gender Studies professor Bahar Jalali was complaining bitterly on Twitter

For 8.5 years, I taught at the American University of Afghanistan as a faculty member and academic administrator. I founded the first Gender Studies program in Afghanistan’s history there. All our work, hopes, dreams, progress. Only to have it snatched away so needlessly.

Someone’s reply on Twitter was

They were prepared to fight for it. You weren’t.

We’re used to street demos of feminists to achieve social change, an astroturfing of NGO’s. But the horrible realization for Globohomo is that no one will fight for them is very shocking. They expect the big, strong men in the American militaty to fire their missiles as a lender of last resort to back up all the women’s whining.
For Biden to say ‘no we won’t’ is shocking.

I expect Hungary and Poland to experience a backlash.

I think this is why they named the killer of Ashli Babbit. They needed to humanize the killing of Regime opponents in America. ‘This was a family man, doing his duty, protecting the weak’. So go the puff pieces.


Now the story with Leroy Byrd gets interesting for several reasons. Timing for one. But I think its more of a warning. Basically the CP can shoot who ever they want when ever they want and nothing will happen to them. No matter how scuzzi they are. The lawsuits are less of a problem because due to the very high standard of proof required to show otherwise it would be most likely ruled a “lawful killing”.

It looks like Byrds dad was a senior union rep in the Capitol Police. Only reason he got the job. Only reason he was not fired for gross negligence when he left his service revolver in a public bathroom. Thats an immediate dismissal in most PD’s. Seems there are a bunch of other stories doing the rounds about just how incompetent he is.

The other part of the story is the CP and the Sargent at Arms Office is really scared shitless. They tried bringing in lots of military contractors but that did not work out too well. And given how many contractors were cut off and dumped in the shit at zero notice in Afghanistan (most are still trying to get out) I expect a green on blue is now the biggest threat to Pelosi and her gang. The contractor world is pretty small and they have long memories. I suspect Pelosi now has her own separate security detail running out of the Fed Building in SF. For her own protection.

We are now very much in caudillo/junta territory by the stage with the Democratic Party.

Viva el Presidente. Viva el Partido Democrata…

"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond

Breda O’Brien is the Irish Times sort of Catholic - issues po-faced missives about the dangers of the sexualization of our youth while being on board with the settlement of Afghan Muslims into the country. Who history tells us will do their best to sexualise our youth without their consent.

What a totally useless person. She and her “shame” can f**k right off.

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As Orwell pointed out, “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm”

All the Americans/Brits or Nato troops who died in Afghanistan are from a class of people that Hillary Clinton would call deplorable

So now we know what happens when the deplorables leave Afghanistan, its not pretty

What would happen if en masse, the deplorables of the US/West decided they no longer were willing to support the likes of Clinton, in any way. Dream a little dream

"A little boy, perhaps ten years old, driving a huge cart-horse along a narrow path, whipping it whenever it tried to turn. It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength, we should have no power over them,

and that men exploit animals in much the same way as the woke exploit the deplorables"

The truth is. The woke need the deplorables, but the deplorables have no need of the woke


Question for you - presumably Biden is doing the business of his masters? Why would they want him gone a mere year after he was selected?
I find it hard to believe he’s keeping the seat warm for KH. Deeply unpopular daytime TV politician.


Because he is not doing the business of his master. He is fucking things up royally for them. The only reason he was on the ticket is not because he had a really strong faction in the party masters, which Hillary did, but because every other candidate would lose big. No matter how much voter fraud there was. The special delegates chose Biden only because he was the only plausibility candidate. Everyone knew he was a fuck up. Not the just 1988 campaign. But they had no other options. None.

So when Biden was “elected” his backers tried to surround him with Obama staffers. Who if nothing else were good at baby sitting narcissistic incompetents. But Biden unlike Obama had been playing the DC game for 50 years so soon it was just Yes Men in the WH and the Obama staffers got sidelined. Or not confirmed. Most mid level position in the Biden administration have still not been filled. The ones that were supposed to be filled by Obamas people.

The only reason Biden has not be offed is not because Kamala is a repulsive politician but because the Dem Party is desperately trying to hold on to the mid Terms before removing Biden. Kamala unlike Biden is a nothing that will do what she is told but to have her as Prez going into Mid Terms is a nightmare the Party does not want to face. Although be this stage I dont see any choice.

The problem for the Party is that the changes pushed through before the 1992 election at the state level to ensure an “electable” Presidential candidate have ended up removing one whole generation of Dem politicians who would have made good solid candidates. Now all that is left is cranks, crazes, sock puppets and pure sociopaths. Back in the 1990’s I could think of at least half a dozen good future Pres candidates in the Party a decade or two later. All retired within ten years. Because they were very astute politicians and could see where the party was going.

If the party had the luxury of time they could Spiro Agnew Kamala, put in someone more media friendly, then ease out Biden. But they dont. By this stage the only win / win scenario for the Dem Party is to have Biden assassinated. But as half the country will immediately believe its an inside job (which it would be) I am not sure how far that would get them. Unless they really want a low scale civil war. Thats the main reason for eviscerating the militarily. Just like the ANC did in the 1990’s.

Looking back on the last 30 years the person I hold most responsible for the current situation is that little cunt Ross Perot. Although his narcissism knew no bounds I have to wonder just how the Clintons paid him off in 1992. Because no Ross Perot no Clinton win in 1992. And without that the Dem Party would not have become the cancerous growth it is today.


Thank you. Im still a little unclear if he’s not doing his masters bidding who is he working for?
Surely they could have had anyone on the ticket and they would have received in and around the same level of support he got? The country is so polarised its always going to be split close.

Why is he at what he’s at? Excuse me if you’ve laid it out already but he’s hardly a principled man has to be doing somebody’s bidding.


This is the usual thing of a Republican voter finding a way of not blaming the Republican party. The Republicans just destroy America at a slightly slower pace.


“I don’t think we realised quite what the Taliban were up to. They weren’t really fighting for the cities they eventually captured, they were negotiating for them. And I think you’ll find a lot of money changed hands as they managed to buy off those who might have fought for them.”

– Gen Sir Nick Carter, former Chief of the General Staff

Q: Where did this money come from?


But I was very much a Dem Party supporter until the party went off the deep end. Most of the people I know are New Deal even Great Society Dems who are utterly repelled by what the party has become in the last two decades. In 2000 I thought Liberman was by far the best guy on the ticket but that was the last sane Dem ticket. In 2004 it was Kerry / Edwards and has got worse ever cycle since then.

The Dem Party is like the Labour Party in the UK. It lost the working classes a while ago. Its basically the party of the affluent patronizing whites and those who get government handouts. One way or another.

At least at the local / state level its a given that any Dem Party elected official is either corrupt or a psycho. Usually both. With the Rep Party its just a minority. With simple incompetence being the usual problem.

Now the interesting thing is the Dem party is so off the rails that in Cal at least recalls are starting to get common with the Gov recall only being the most high profile. All the local pols being recalled are left loony Dems.

On the upside the country is not as totally fucked up as it was in 1968. We have not got to that stage yet. Although it looks like Portland and Minneapolis have. Downtown Portland is like something out of MadMax.


Saw some footage recently from Philadelphia. Looks like there’s a severe opioid epidemic.

Soviet Russian forces withdrew from Afghanistan on 15 February 1989.
Soviet union collapsed on December 26, 1991.

1044 days