Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


The situation in 2008 was managed in a very disciplined way. The 2020 campaign was a disorganized ballsup.

In 2008 Obama and Clinton had about the same number of delegates going into the convention and Clinton had more of the DC power blocks behind her but she made too many enemies so the super delegates and the money raisers supported Obama as the best canodate to win. Clinton had very high negatives in all key swing demographics. Obama didnt.

In Jan 2020 there were no serious Dem candidates because Trump looked like a shoo in for reelection. It takes a good 12 to 18 month of ground work in key states to be in good position to start an election nomination year. There were a bunch of party heavy weight who decided to sit out 2020 to wait for 2024. Then COVID happened and the party saw a way of gaming the system so they had a chance. But all the people who had announced were hopeless losers. Thats when Biden was drafted. He had no base. He had no serious power blocks behind him. He was a very weak candidate. But he was the only candidate available who was not hopeless. As was proved in the day. He actually turned in a very weak performance but the political fixers took care of enough keys states and caused enough confusion afterwards to swing it.

The problem was because he was drafted there was no solid party base behind him and the only base he had in DC was the Not Trump people. As a result he was a loose cannon from the start. They tried to put in their own White House Chief of Staff who could have brought some sanity and pragmatism to the WH but Biden put in some Yes Man political nonentity. Which has been repeated through the Administration.

The last time the Dem party power brokers lost control of the White House was with Wilson in 1912. And for pretty much the same reason. The power brokers never expected to win and only won because of a vote split. So the Wilson administration careered from one train wreck to another all the way into World War 1. And then created the set up for World War 2.

Biden before he was senile was stubborn, vindictive, cunning and stupid. So not the sort of person the senior party people could talk sense into. This is one occasion where an Obama quote sums the current situation. Never underestimate Bidens ability to fuck things up.

Which is exactly what he is doing.


Philly has been fucked up for decades. Portland is a pretty new situation. All self inflicted.


OK, appreciate the detailed replies and sorry to keep at you on a Sunday but!

This explains how he was elected and he has a propensity to fuck things up. So far so simple to understand but I have not come across one explanation that I fully buy for why he’s leaving. They could easily have ignored trumps executive order and stayed there in some form, I cannot imagine there would have been a clamour for exiting rapidly. Is it a legacy thing? Is it a popular decision on the ground in the US? Surely he would have been happy enough to continue making money for his handlers with perpetual war? Who is driving the exit and why?

I can’t really follow the money on this one. Have they come to a conclusion that it’s bankrupting them? The debt has ballooned since 2001 so that would make sense but they show no sign they care about adding trillions more to the debt and shovelling it out to their masters so I can’t really buy that. I have wondered if it is some form of principle on his part but find that hard to believe also.

So I guess it keeps coming back to why is he doing it and whose interests is he serving or thinking he is? It’s annoying a lot of people I have little time for so I must admit I have enjoyed it immensely.


At the start of the year it looked like they were pushing the Ukraine into a war with Russia, they also want to deal with Iran, at some point they might have concluded that you can’t fight all these wars at the same time, so the situation in the Ukraine was dialed back a little, all troops have left Afghanistan, so war with Iran could be on the way now


IMHO, there’s more going on with Russia, WRT current events in Afghanistan than is being reported in the media.


The answer about why Biden wanted to leave come what may is because like most stupid people he has not changed his view in 50 years.

In 1975 and the years before he wanted the US out of Vietnam and did not care about about consequences. I posted a quote here from 1975 when he said in the Senate at the time of the Saigon airlift that clearly he did not give a fuck about the 100K’s of Vietnamese who Pres Ford want to save. He could not care about whether they lived or died. He had made his mind up.

There is no logic to anything done by Biden. The Trump plan was to draw down until it was just a smaller version of the South Korean deployment. Once Trump was out the Pentagon stopped all planning for pull out assuming that Biden would reverse Trumps policy. Biden put in his own ass kissing generals at DoD and JCS who blindly did what they were told. Biden had fantasies of his 9/11 Photo Op and though he would get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. His reason for the precipitous pull out really are that facile and stupid.

The money was on keeping the Afghan situation ongoing. Biden just pissed away a good Bil or two $ of easy money p.a for the big mil contractors. Biden has just made a bunch of very serious enemies inside the Beltway.

If you are looking for any bigger reasons there are none. It would be like looking for profound depths of statesmanship in Bertie Ahern. Biden was a pathetic joke in 1988. His only serious run for the Prez collapsed in ignominy when he was caught out plagiarized a speech verbatim from Neil Kinnock. Yes, Neil Kinnock. He was only put on the ticket in 2008 because the Obama people had so little respect for Bidens abilities. Not only not a threat but everything he opened his mouth he made Obama look good.

The only thing that has change since then is that Biden has now serious cognitive decline. Watch video of Biden in the Senate in the 1980’s or 1990’s and the extent of Bidens decline is stark. And the real problem for US at the moment is that is the best the Democratic party can come up with. One whole generation of moderate, reasonable, pragmatic politicians have been lost. I can think of several Dem governors / Senators of the 1990’s / early 2000’s who would have made very strong presidential candidates. I would have voted for them. But the present lot, hopeless.


@tsunami Follow the money. Exactly.

Q. What is the status of the Central Bank of Afghanistan. Did the Taliban take it over or leave it be or destroy it?

If, Joe Biden is the greatest strawman ever. The Menace clearly got betrayed like you’ve never seen.

Q. Who created the strawman? Why?


The Republicans and Dems in the States have the same Masters. Neo liberalism cuts across party divides, as it does in Ireland and everywhere else. Which is one of the main reasons why western democracy is in decline ie it has been hollowed out to such an extent that there is has been no opposition to the establishment consensus for at least 40 odd years. It’s why every political party in Ireland for example can potentially enter coalition with each other.

Thatchers deconstruction of the labour movement in the UK, on the basis that uppity, aggressive locals were bad for business and could be replaced by cheaper non-unionised imports was a portent of things to come across the board. We’re now living with the long term outcomes set in motion by these cunts back in the 80s. And on the back of the ‘liberalisation’ of the labour market came the imposition of the type of ‘liberal’ values that are all pervasive today ie much outward talk of individual rights, tolerance, diversity etc while actively deconstructing every aspect of the prevailing culture and broaching zero tolerance for any actual diversity of thought or opinion that does not tally with the mainstream consensus.

Trump, despite being ultimately ineffectual, actually seemed to upset them all, suggesting that he may actually have constituted a form of opposition. Nonetheless it’s still difficult to determine whether he did a whole lot differently (foreign policy escapades aside in respect of which his administration was a genuine breath of fresh air)…. but for some reason he really upset them.


Good look trying to untangle the deliberately obscured history of neoliberalism…and then trying explain it to people.


The real divide isn’t Left v Right. It’s Nationalist v Internationalist. Trump jeopardized them because he was unashamedly nationalist. ‘America first’ threatened free movement of goods and people. The Uniparty could not stand for that. It drove them nuts. It didn’t matter that most of his policies were 1990s stuff.

Well given she was very cosy with a load of Jewish and Hayekian libertarians who were not really “conservative” at all and wanted to deconstruct everything (Joseph, Lawson, Howe). But don’t let Trotskyite scum like Scargill off the hook. The Left in Britain did not face down the multi-culti Anti-nationalists that have always been part of Britain’s Left. Barbara Castle was a wiked old bint who extolled the Soviet Union while they were starving their people.

German trade unionism mostly worked for the country’s people (because of all the clear outs etc around WW2)
French trade unionism kinda works (would work better if they still had their own currency, could devalue etc)
British trade unionism was a basket case that didn’t work for it’s country.


The Dems and Reps have very different masters. The biggest financial backers of the Dem Party are pubic service unions. By a wide margin. Next comes lawyers. Then comes private sector unions. Then comes very rich people / foundations. Then comes “progressive lobbiest”. Then come private sector lobbyists. Then affluent individuals.

For the Reps. The biggest financial backers are private industry. Usually midsize / small business lobby groups. Then comes conservative lobbyists. Then comes big business. Then comes individuals. Despite the financial obfuscation most individual donations to the Dems come from the top 10% incomes group. For the Reps its the rest.

It may look monolithic from the outside but they are very different beasts when seen up close. And very different beasts from 20 years ago. Which were very different beasts from 20 years before that.


Yeah Id agree with that. The left and right stuff is another manifestation of the same game and again serves the same Masters ie a world view rooted in borderless, base materialism that despises anything or anyone that does not toe the party line.

However notwithstanding that much of the political left have clearly been very much on board with the ‘neo liberal’ project, it has been the traditional left leaning base that has rebelled in the form of brexit, trump etc over the past few years. This guy as an example comes across as a decent sort who seeks to articulate on behalf of voters rather than seeking to coerce and indoctrinate that same base beneath the ‘progressive’ umbrella.

Its quite possible that some of the Sinn Fein vote will go the same way shortly enough on this island.


Lol. No escape from globohomo sisterhood.


OK thanks. So a solo run of sorts.

Final question - is it popular on the ground in the US? Hard to gauge as the media is in lockstep on it with great wailing and gnashing of teeth over the termination of Gender studies courses, access to Love Island etc


Yes, it’s hard to believe Iran has disappeared off the agenda, just like that. Especially with the defence budgets ramped up in recent years.



Thats because the perp was being tracked by drone. A request to “pre-detontate” the perp was sent up the chain but the WH said no. It seems that several hundred dead people was better to the WH than the media optics of a drone strike that might have collateral damage. Ironic really as the panicked PR drone revenge attack the follow day killed one of the families that was trying to get to the airport to be airlifted out. No sign of an IED.

The IC’s told the Pentagon there was going to be an attack. The IC’s told the Pentagon who and where the attack was going to be. The WH veto’ed the attack being stopped before it happened. Because of pure incompetence. No bigger plan. Pure Baldric.


The guardian


On Australian abc radio I heard a person introduced as an expert on Afghanistan. She had been there over 10 years so I was interested to hear what she had to say.

To be honest she didn’t sound like someone who a) had a clue or b) was on the ground ten plus years there…

Further into the interview I heard what her occupation was there. She was a 'gender specialist '.

I recommend Google ‘gender specialist kabul’ and see what the charities were doing there.

No wonder the place fell in a couple of weeks if that’s what our experts are.

European institute of peace

Lots more, presume they’ll drop off the internet soon


Update re Lt. Col. Scheller