Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


Starting to look like a master class in how a straight talking non-political junior deals with back stabbing political careerist superiors. I am also reminded of the old saying - Never fuck with a Marine…

Not quite sure how the next few battles will go, he has done a great job of shaping the battlefield, but it looks like he will win the war. And his superiors know it. The only thing to be decided now is just how stupid the top people in the Pentagon are. If they try to “make an example” of him. I’m getting the feeling it would be a very bad idea. Unlike the Army if the choice is between the Corp or the JCS then for almost all Marines (even the O6’s and above) its going to be the Corp.





Taliban create third wave feminist nirvana….an entirely safe space, minus micro aggressions, minus potential for body shaming. No white males (no males full stop) permitted.

What’s not to like?


Wheres the trans jacks???

Oh wait.