Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


“On Christmas Eve 1979 the Soviet armed forces invaded Afghanistan. Over the next ten years one million Afghans were killed and approximately four million fled the country. The war in Afghanistan was largely ignored in the West – the trickle of information that left the country came from Western journalists and filmmakers who entered Afghanistan illegally, ignoring Soviet threats of arrest and execution.” journeymanpictures


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Video of Captured U.S. Soldier released by Taliban

I would not like to be that guy. :open_mouth: … 53008.html

Afghanistan in pictures: … t_one.html … t_two.html

The last photo, number 32, is very sad. Especially so when you consider the loss of life on all sides.

Im interested, what do people make of the war in Afghanistan?
^^ Send off for a fallen US troop


I think that, on balance, this is a war worth fighting.

The alternative is allowing the Taliban free reign up to and including bringing down Pakistan. Not a nice prospect.

In this case the American imperialism view is misguided, the Taliban are arch baddies and need to be defeated.



Just to clarify Im not talking about the Royal Irish Regiment
Im talking about the Irish defence forces from the Republic.

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Seems they havent learned from their actions in Vietnam or from the Soviets in Afghanistan. The Mike Force, CIDG and CAP programs were the most successful during the Vietnam war. The huge operations mounted by huge helicopter borne forces like the Air Cav didnt gain ground in Vietnam where the above did.

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US pays $400 per gallon for gas in Afghanistan -> … ghanistan/

So all the Pashtun tribes that are fighting the Americans need to do is defeat their logistics. Though one suspects the Pashtun tribes are coining it with the protection money to get the fuel that far. What a waste.

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Discussion on Today PK at the moment

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Interesting difference between the BBC video shown above and teh one shown on Channel 4 here (click that fast before its gone - the headline gets updated!)

The BBC show people in UK Firemans uniforms carrying bodies while on C4 news the porters are dressed in ‘silver foil’ and are wearing odd-shaped hats.
Looks like what I’d imagine to be some sort of NBC suit.

Big casualties too. 11 shot, 5 killed and assailant escapes before anyone could get a shot off?
I’m sure some provo-fantasist could tell us how hard that would be to do. Shoot 11 Brits/cops with a rifle, without any fire returned (I presume) and then escaping.

Or was there [conspiracy theory alert] some other sort of weapon used [/conspiracy theory alert] in this attack?


Just followed another link from a previous post about a US hostage in Afghanistan.

There is an alternative video here … re=related

The soldier names himself as Bowe Berdahl.
To confirm his capture he gives the date as July 14th and mentions a radio broadcast where a chinook was shot down an 34 NATO soldiers killed.

This is the nearest report I can find “Copter crash kills 16 in Afghanistan, NATO says” … elicopter/

There was a report of a UK journalist getting off a plane who was jumped on by MPs when they tried to turn their mobile phone on. They were told not too as ‘the Taliban’ could monitor and hack mobile phones remotely. They then downloaded the contacts list and called those on it to report your death.
Very sophisticated psy-op for a bunch of radicalised farmers, no?

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Following the 5 British killed in Afghanistan: … Texas.html … 1_sold.php

Lets not forget this: … -raid.html


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early reports they were lining up for inoculations - unconfirmed … 4F20091105