Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)

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New Report Reveals US Indirectly Funding the Taliban ->

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China taps huge copper reserves in Afghanistan -> … opper_mine




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Vietnam-lite is unveiled By Pepe Escobar ->

Guns and Butter - “Obama Declares War on Pakistan” with Webster Griffin Tarpley. Discussion of Obama’s West Point speech; the escalation of the wars in Central Asia, specifically Pakistan and Uzbekistan; what the war policy is and why; Blackwater and black ops; India and Kashmir. {audio}



Not sure if Helmand is Vietnam lite! Other provinces are quieter yes but Casualty rates for the US in Vietnam were 1 in 10 (all casualties counted) if they have about 10,000 in Helmand (i think thats the rough figure) then British casualty rates over the past year are higher than those in the Vietnam conflict. … er2009.pdf

However its like comparing one of the worst years in the worst province to the entire Vietnamese conflict which say, at the height (during the Tet offensive) over 2,000 US killed a week. But if the casualty rate continues…



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Brzezinski on the Afghan war and the ‘Grand Chessboard’ Pt1 ->

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our man in kabul
the quiet Irishman


School bombing exposes Obama’s secret war inside Pakistan -> … 017929.ece


Sky News headline today was the upcoming attack on someplace in the Helman province, 15000 Nato troops v 2000 Taliban, that’ss be one hell of a battle.

Interesting tactic, I suspect they are trying to convince the Taliban to give up, doubt they will though.


The population is 1,441,769 and the surface area is 58,584 square kilometres. (for comparison Ireland covers an area of 70286 km). Pashtuns are the majority (92% of the population) ->

The ‘Taliban’ will just disappear into the background, and shift their focus up near Kabul or blocking the Kybher pass to disrupt logistics.


Dutch government may fall due to Afghan mission -> … g=eng_news


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