Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


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Looks like the retreat is on.




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The Pakistan bureau chief of Asia Times Online, Syed Saleem Shahzad, was murdered last week.

He recently published a story about Al-Qaeda infiltration of the Pakistan Navy, it may be the piece that killed him. It was planned as a two parter, the second has not been published.



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Obamas biggest mistake was continuing the Bush wars.
This has contributed to the economic mess they find themselves in.
He had the opportunity to get out, but crumbled.

Their ‘over-stay’ in Afghanistan has now spilled into Pakistan.
This has major implications.
The taliban enjoy serious support in Pakistan and the possibility of them seizing power in a nuclear country is now very real.

With the US releasing predator drones over their skies and killing civilians, Pakistanis support for the taliban grows stonger, whilst their support for the US weakens.

Perhaps we’re close to reaching the typical endgame scenario whereby the US is doing nothing more than propping up their puppet, whilst one-by-one the general population become the ‘enemy’.

The problem is, has the tipping point been already reached, in that, if the US leaves, are the taliban destined to take over ?


U.S. military spends a cool $20billion on air conditioning annually in Iraq and Afghanistan -> … istan.html


When you look at the map, it becomes clear where the tribal loyalties lie. Pakistan is not a united country, it is made up of various ethnic and religious groups. The Taliban won’t be taking power over Pakistan, they are only a small band drawn from the Pashtuns who for the most part are dirt farmers, once they’ve seen yet another empire off they’ll go back to what they always do, farming and fighting among themselves.

The central Pakistan government has never really controlled Pashtun areas though it is a long term policy to expand their territory into Afghanistan. Pakistan’s enemy since it’s founding has always been India and that’s where we could see a proxy war develop between China and the US.
Such a conflict could go nuclear quickly.

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Very good BBC 2 Documentary on British troops in Afganistan.

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