Afghanistan: The silent war (little media coverage)


Wow, I just watched some of these videos. The MI6 desk in broadcasting house is doing a very good job selling war and the British Army. The BBC is worth its weight in gold producing this kind of propaganda.


Aye - they’re extremely disappointing - especially after the “Secret Iraq” documentaries:


Pt 1 /4 -


Pt 1/4 -


‘A logistics miracle’ -> … aphic.html

Pakistani Military Still Cultivates Militant Groups, a Former Fighter Says -> … ml?_r=1&hp


I read that its believed that the US soldier captured by the Taliban is being held in Pakistan!!!


animals … rls-school

Real medieval stuff going on down there, any suggestions for people on how the world should deal with this kind of thing - i mean completely fucked up crooked countries not just Afghanistan I mean Africa etc - should we put embargoes on trade like Saddam? Should we push for democracy & reforms? Should we ignore it? Should we trade with them like the Chinese are doing? Do we have any moral obligation to push for reforms or stick our noses in at all? Should we focus on getting our own lot in order?


Wali Karzai, Half-Brother of Afghan President, Slain in Kandahar -> … -kandahar/


The destruction of poppy fields in Afghanistan or bees against honey -> … nst-honey/


Bodyguard who killed Karzai’s brother was trusted CIA contact - Julius Cavandish -> … 14580.html


U.S. officials believe al-Qaeda on brink of collapse -> … ml?hpid=z2

The American retreat is being drawn out. I’m sure that dirt farmers appreciate the small number of blows from the drones just like the English and Dutch did when the V2 started landing on their cities.


I guess you are drawing a correlation between the the Americans techniques of terror and those of the NAZI’s since Von Bruan worked for both the NAZI and NASA he didn’t seem to mind who was paying the bills once he got to build space ships!


The whole Indo-Pak dynamic is weird. Like the Irish banking crisis, it may take a catastrophe for these guys to see who their friends should have been. What is Kashmir compared to a unique shared culture of curry, cricket and Bollywood? In the same way that hard-bitten Unionists and fanatical FFers became fast friends on foreign soil in the past, the South Asians here soon realize that nobody else shares their concerns and that far more unites than divides them. Look at Pakistan’s current friends and military allies - the Arabs, China and America. Young Pakistanis should work in the Gulf for three months and find out what the Arabs really think of them. Ditto plus ten for the Chinese and presumably their government thinks the same way - useful idiot territory. America’s reasons for exasperation at this point are fairly clear. Despite all the recent provocations, India should reach out to Pakistan and make the case for a South Asian alliance far more forcefully - it’s in the long-term interests of both.



Afghan Taliban launch twin attacks in the south -> … fghanistan


Former Intel Chief: Call Off The Drone War (And Maybe the Whole War on Terror) -> … drone-war/



August was ‘deadliest month’ for US in Afghan war


US embassy in Kabul under attack - live updates -> … der-attack


Mullen blames Pakistan for attacks -> … 6144237277

If I was in the Pakistan government I would regard this as an outright declaration of war.


The Haqqani/Pakistan link gets another trot out in the NY Times: … istan.html


I wonder how much military hardware the USA has given Pakistan down the years ?
America has a long tradition of fighting it’s own weapons.


Sen. Graham: Broad Bipartisan Support for US Attack on Pakistan -> … -pakistan/

Mullen on Afghanistan: ‘We’re Going to Be There Longer Than 2014’ -> … onger-2014

Has the US military gone rogue on its own government?

CIA created Haqqani network: Rehman Malik -> … malik.html