Aftershock week

RTÉ One, Sunday 9 May 2010, 9.30pm

Aftershock begins tonight at 21.30

“People bought at the wrong time”. Don´t be silly. There’s never a bad time to buy.
This one might need its own tread.

FFS, all the RTE faces in those pictures are smiling without any sense of irony!

Ghost estate tourists!?

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(Quotes from the Irish Property Bubble: Marie Hunt, Head of Research, CB Richard Ellis)

"Property consultants CB Richard Ellis today dismissed last nights Future Shock – Property Crash’ programme, which explored the possibility of a housing market crash in Ireland over the next few years, as ‘irresponsible journalism’. "

They were right, of course - this kind of TV program talked the economy down.


It’s amazing to see how nature has reclaimed the land back after a period of only 2-3 years. If people can’t be found to live in these ghost estates within 2-3 years, they’ll most certainly only be fit for demolition.

Lads THingfish is looking for a tv link on the Bubble radio thread I couldnt link my wife anyone able to help

Well, fair play to the couple in Belmayne - the man of the house said he took responsibility for his situation and didn’t try to pass the blame. My heart goes out to them because they seem like very fair minded people. Ditto to an extent the developer who I take at his word that he never meant to leave the handful of buyers who bought from him in the shit.

And I’m glad Bertie got an early mention. My guess is that if he’s at home tonight he’s watching Desperate Housewives, fingers in his ears and everything is rosy in the garden. Wee c***.

Great. They got Donie Cassidy’s quote in!


'On ya Donie boy.

Twas a great opportunity for young couples alright :unamused:

lol @ the English chap with the feet up having a chat while the wife is excavating the garden :smiley:

“There used to be 34 houses in the center of Leitrim village now there are 370 dwellng most unoccupied.” Leitrim CoCo says it will take 9 years to clear the surplus housing stock if no additional houses are built

Holy fuck how could anyone watch this crap 2+ years after the fact on and 6+ years on when it was noticed the shit was firmly flying toward the fan.

Leitrim CC reckon 9 years to clear their current stock. I’d say that’s optimistic.

Edit: That’s enough for me. I’m going to watch the rest of Black Hawk Down

Johnny Owens? He was on the Frontline in January. Features in a few threads on the 'Pin…

+1. Bertie’s Legacy.

Jesus, poor woman having to commute to Dublin from Longford Town.

3 bed in Mullingar selling for €150k selling at a loss.
I would swear the show house they showed was on the RTE designer programme I remember laughing at the 3 clocks showing the time in New York Paris and MULLINGAR

So i really did see those clocks just now?
Thought it was the wine i was at earlier XD
What’s the point in them??
In Mullingar like :open_mouth: